Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Pioneers

This post is part of a sponsored series between DadNCharge and Navdy. I have been compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Life has a tendency to take us to places we never dreamed of. When given a chance to take a route that many haven't travelled we can be reluctant to follow our hearts and prone to follow our brains instead. It's this internal struggle between logic and feelings that follows us on the roads of life, tending to take the downtrodden path that many others have followed before us than the one that looks untouched and unclaimed.

This summer, while driving from Denver to South Dakota with eight sleeping, jet lagged teenagers in the minivan rental, I contemplated just how far humans have come on this planet. While visions of restrooms danced in their heads, I started to think about the pioneers heading west and their multitude of struggles. Clearly, I had lots of time on my hands and with no one to talk to and while I drove on I contemplated the explorers that came before us.

I can't imagine what it felt like exploring a place unknown to them that was full of danger. Bandits could be over the next rise, waiting to take everything they owned, a wagon wheel could break and they probably didn't have a spare. There was no AAA nor roads to speak of at the time and everything they had with them was all that they had in the world regardless of what they would find three hundred miles from the last place they camped.

Here I was sitting behind the wheel, following the very path many had followed before me looking for a better life and all I could think about was why did Nebraska have no gas stations and what would I do without my GPS?

The word pioneer comes the French word pionnier which means "foot soldier", a literal representation of what it means to do something first. They were explorers to went ahead to check things out and to try out things before the rest of the masses came along. Their aim, was to make things easier for those who would follow and blaze the trail for those who would.

When I think back to how navigation has changed since I first started driving, we all relied on maps and pulling over to gas stations to ask for directions. Planning out a route took a certain sense of space and time, estimating the amount of hours it might take one to get from point A to point B.

Navigation as changed in that we rely now on GPS for a signal which is tracked on our smartphone. That means somewhere in our vehicle, we are trying to look down at a screen that is five to six inches tall when we should be looking out of the windshield in front of us. The average time we spend looking away from the road to our cellphones is three seconds. In those three seconds, a driver takes their eyes off the road to attend to their smartphone causing a distraction. Between 2014 and 2015, fatalities in distracted-driving–affected crashes increased by over 8%.

Pioneering with the Navdy eliminates distracted driving by putting you in control of your phone while keeping your eyes on the road. Navdy has a gesture sensor that controls your phone with the movement of your hand. Interactive swipes control whether you receive calls,  read texts, or play music without taking your eyes from what is most important, the road.

Here's a pro tip for driving in Nebraska.:if you ever see a gas station while driving, STOP. You never know when you will see another one when you are travelling in this state. Worried about losing your signal in uncharted territory? Navdy has its own GPS chip and antenna and will have a clear line of communication with satellites overhead.

The advanced sensors, accelerometer and gyrometer all work in tandem to pinpoint your car, destination and route. If your phone lets you down, Navdy won't. No coverage? Navdy will keep you on course with built in offline maps and its own GPS.

Yes, we have it pretty good now with Navdy doing all the pioneering for us. Yet, many motorists are still looking down instead of forward in the car. Distracted driving is especially problematic for teen drivers who are even more obsessed with their technology. Combine this obsession with a high level of distractibility and it's a recipe for disaster.

Get your teen driver and any pioneer you know a Navdy unit for only $499 or $21 per month with 0% APR for 24 months. It's an investment for the safety of those who get behind that wheel everyday and need to be connected. Take the off beaten path and with Navdy ensure that you get there safe and sound.

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