Sunday, July 30, 2017

5 Ways to Sneak Me Time

It's eventual when you have children who rely on you for everything that they will never leave you alone. They will no longer see boundaries between what you are doing and your expectation that at some point they will tire of asking you for things whether they be play, food, or things.

So, as parents, we have to get crafty in the ways we find me time. We know as adults that a locked bathroom door means STAY OUT I'M BUSY IN HERE while a toddler sees it as an obstruction between them and your attention. Mommy always says that I can talk to her anytime, so why would she lock this door?

That's why fingers under the door or prying eyeballs and mouths pressed against wood, trying to sneak a whisper through the cracks in the door jamb occur. There are times when meeting every demand will make you feel like a negotiator in a hostage situation.

That's why moms everywhere are sneaking time away while they can, fitting in their favorite shows on Netflix. According to Netflix, 71% of moms are sneaking "me time" into some unusual places. Here are five suggestions that this stay at home dad have tried that you may not have used yet.

1. Play Hide and Seek and hide in a place that you deem out of bounds for them.

2. Most kids don't like spiders. Tell them you are going to pull weeds and set up a chair in the shed instead.

3. Hide in their messy room. Camouflage yourself with the thousands of stuffed animals they have.

4. Get out your old toys from your childhood, explain how awesome they are, and fade into the background.

5. Turn on the sprinklers and sit back and relax

Disclaimer : This post was brought to you by Netflix and my relationship with them as a #StreamTeam influencer. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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