Monday, June 12, 2017

Do I Stack Up as a Dad?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Cheerios. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

It started a long time ago when you were first born

and I held you for the first time that early spring morn.

I came to realize that day that your arrival finally made me a new dad.

I looked at your tiny fingers and I held them close not comprehending fully what it was I had.

I had a chance to show you everything in the world that was good

and I vowed with your mom by my side that I'd teach you all I could.

I watched you grow each and every day and recorded every milestone

and I knew what we were building as a family was more than just a home.

The way you smiled or looked at me would make my heart just race.

I even enjoyed the way you grabbed Cheerios and threw them in my face.

The books we read, the songs we sang, the times you slept upon my chest

were times we will always cherish though we did it without much rest.

Have Cheerios, will travel was a core belief

so I'd pack up some O's to give your hunger some relief.

Everything that I did, I thought of you first

even though sometimes your diapers were the worst.

But all the while I wondered, was I stacking up as a dad?

Was I doing everything I could to ensure that you weren't sad?

As you grew, I did too, and your sisters came along

Our trio turned from a few notes to catchy, full blown song.

Every step along the way was one that made us proud.

You learned how to crawl, walk, and run, your accomplishments abound.

At a certain point along the way you started to become aware,

that those hands you used to jam in your mouth were handy in that highchair.

You jammed in those Cheerios like they'd go out of style

and you'd gnaw on them gleefully with that semi-toothless smile.

You'd stack your blocks and knock them down to repetitive delight,

and you grew you chose to focus on the things that defined you as upright.

But one thing you should never worry about is how you stack up to another

because each child I have is unique and different from any other.

I try as a dad to be the example you need so you can shine so bright

and beam proudly when your rays reach others who need that guiding light.

While my stacks may be built up over time, I know this now is true

that even if you stack up the highest, it's okay to fall down too.

Looking back on memories with my kids as been awesome while taking part in the #CheeriosChallenge. You can get in on the fun too! Create a stack on top of your baby's head or when the teenager is napping. Snap a photo of a stack of Cheerios you put on that guy that fell asleep on you on the train. Stack them on vacation in cool places or just around your house. It will be a fun activity that your kids can get involved in and it works on their fine motor skills too!

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