Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How TV Used to Be

Disclaimer : This post was brought to you by Netflix and my relationship with them as a #StreamTeam influencer. All opinions expressed are my own.

On days that I would stay home from school because I was sick, I didn't have a TV in my bedroom. I'd rest most of the time but when I did get a chance to watch a show. my parents had a small black and white set that they'd keep in the kitchen which could get four channels.

The screen was six inches by six inches which when compared to today's smartphones seems tiny now. With four channels to choose from and daytime TV relegated to mostly soap operas and infomercials, I'd be at the mercy of whatever was on TV at the time.

My kids just don't understand the struggle behind the way TV used to be. 

The way TV used to be: Open up the TV guide and find the time when the show you want to see is on. Try not to forget when you will be watching your show. Wait months until you see that episode on a rerun because you missed it. Try to program the VCR with the blinking time to record when you want. Find a blank VHS tape that doesn't have family movies on it.

The way TV is now: Record your show for later digitally. Create a list with your favorite shows to watch on your time at any time. use a mobile device or smartphone to watch that same show on the go.

They literally have a myriad of shows to choose from at any given time. Whether they are in the mood for cartoons or movies, it's right there at their fingertips. Age appropriate comedies are filtered through their age profile, eliminating shows they shouldn't be watching without me or my wife. And when dad is home sick from work, Netflix can keep them entertained while dad recovers with no worry because they create playlists of new shows and old favorites that they keep in a queue that's all their own.

The way TV used to be : I'd turn the dial to UHF or VHF and turn the dial until I'd see a flicker of a show. Then, I'd adjust the antenna until it would come in clear.

The way TV is now: Turn on the TV. Enter your preferred show and watch it in crystal clear clarity.

Ask my six year old how to navigate Netflix and she can deftly do so. If an older adult is visiting, I can count on any of my children to help them navigate it as well. Our Netflix includes a profile for dad, a profile for mom, and one for the kids. The only dilemma once you understand how it works is to figure out something that everyone will like. Netflix can simplify that for you. Using the below spinner, choose your show by giving fate a whirl instead.

The way TV used to be : When my uncle used to come and visit our house for the holidays he'd raid the Sunday paper to look for the TV guide. He'd sit at our basement bar sipping a cocktail and circle or highlight every show he was interested in for the next five days. Then we would wait for our chance to use the main TV while he was parked in front of it all week long. Sneak in a show when he's in the bathroom. He has to pee at some point right?

The way TV is now :  Let your uncle watch his shows. Let your kids watch their shows. Watch your show up in your room in private with headphones. A Netflix account can accommodate up to four screens in Ultra HD. Can't get the movie you want? Sign up for DVD service and they will be shipped directly to you! It's a great time to be alive.

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