Saturday, May 13, 2017

Five Gifts From the Heart for Mother's Day

Each year my kids painstakingly create a Mother's Day card often using acronym to describe what they mean to her. The word M.O.M.M.Y. is filled with words like magical, outstanding, marvelous, masterful, and young. Actually, honey, I threw that one in there and take all the credit for suggesting it. But this question comes around every year in May; What do we get mom for Mother's Day?

My kids know that my wife likes purple Skittles most of all, black licorice, and sappy TV dramas set in the days of pioneers. She loves her purple robe and early morning walks. Most of all, she appreciates when people to nice things for others which usually translates into an attempt to make breakfast in bed for her.

This is no small task  which ends up with me cleaning up the kitchen like we were preparing a six course feast. As much as I complain about the clean up, my son is masterful at making eggs and my six year old loves making toast. While they are doing that, my nine year old prepares the plate like an artist and I make the perfect bacon that my working wife has spent the last ten years bringing home.

Some kids tend to get resourceful when it comes to Mother's Day. Coupon books that can be cashed in for chores they should already be doing appear, bouquets of flowers taken from the front yard end up in makeshift vases, and my middle daughter who is the best hugger there is, provides an abundance of embraces like they have an expiration date.

Yet, Mother's Day is starting to feel the same year to year to me. So much so that I can't distinguish from one year to the next what we did for her on this one day the rest of the world tells their moms "Thanks for giving birth to me and for putting up with my shenanigans ever since!"

There's another side to a child's resourcefulness and it comes from the lessons we impart to our children about passion and drive to do something different and unexpected. Kids learn early that a the kind of gift given isn't the one the 40% off end-cap at the store but one that has meaning.

The beauty of the internet is that you can find all of these things without leaving your own home and most often, the gift you already have like Verizon FiOS TV and Internet can quickly connect you to meaningful moments that mom will enjoy.

So if you are stuck for Mother's Day and have no clue what you should get mom, try these heartfelt suggestions instead with some help from Verizon FiOS TV and Internet. With  FiOS Instant Internet, she can do all these things at once without  worrying that someone might come into her room and ask her for a Wi-Fi password. At 750 mbps upload and download speeds

1. A Gift from the Heart 

Loopholes Boutique  - A store created by two young girls in Philadelphia area, they design clip on and pierced earring designs for all ages. At $4 a pair, you can find something cute and fashionable that kids can afford for their own moms and support a local business right here in Philadelphia.

2. Mom Movie Marathon

Moms are all about quality time with their offspring unless they aren't and could just use a few hours to themselves to wind down from a stressful week. month, or year. Get mom her slippers and a nice warm blanket and make a playlist for her of your favorite mom movies so she can cuddle on the couch and chill out. With the FiOS Quantum Gateway Router and FiOS Custom TV, you can let the kids play on their devices at the same time so they won't be tempted to ask mom what she is doing in the bathroom with the door closed.

3. Call or Video Chat

Is there anything more that mom wants than to see or hear you? I know for a fact that it's all she said she wants this year. Let's face it, you miss her saying that you're not eating enough or that you look tired. But, it's going to payoff in the end. Spend a bunch of time showing her all the cool tricks the kids can do via Skype and her love tank will be full for awhile.

4. Deep Cleanse

Moms do A LOT for their families and in turn we like to leave things laying around that remind her that we are always here. Tell mom to head to the spa and do a clean sweep of all the clutter in your house. When she comes back, not only will her body be refreshed but so will her chi. You don't want a mom with bad chi.

5. Make It Personal

With the billions of photos we take everyday on our smartphones and digital cameras, there are bound to be some selfies and family photos mom might want to look on fondly some day. Make her a photo book or calendar that commemorates your time with her. Your siblings will be jealous they didn't think of it first and you'll move to favorite status in no time. With FiOS Instant Internet, handling all those big files and uploading those precious memories will be a breeze. With 750 mbps upload and download speeds, the only thing you'll have to wait on is the shipping of your finished book.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Verizon FiOS in Philadelphia. All opinions expressed are my own. #FiOSPhilly

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