Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What To Do When You've Found The One

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I get it, you just don’t know if this is a forever thing or a right now thing. This relationship has been pretty awesome so far. He’s always been there for you and when times got rough, he didn’t waver and stayed strong.

But there’s that sense of doubt in the back of your head that there might be something better out there for you so you start to weigh the pros and cons of the relationship.  There are others out there that might be able to give you the same thing, but do they have these same qualities you are looking for in someone of worth?

He’s consistent; you’ll give him that. There’s nothing that he does that makes you question his motives. When you need him, he’s always there. He’s accessible day or night at the push of a button, a text, or a quick message.

You have so much in common. He also likes it when you stay in and watch shows together on the couch or you take a “me day” to work from home. He never judges especially when it comes to the shows you watch and when.

The communication is excellent. When you need to talk, he’s always available to listen and helps you solve a problem only when you need it. With him, you just feel connected in every way.

Yet, you still have doubts about commitment. Are you in this for the long term? Could this be “the one”?

The moment we start to think that, many times reality sets in. There are hidden prices, faults start to show up, and the fear of committing long term suddenly becomes this cloud that hangs over your relationship. That's when you need to decide. Is this a right now thing or a forever thing?

For those that fear this commitment, you don't have to make that choice because now, there is the Verizon FiOS PrePaid option.

No credit check required to put a value on your union.There's no deposit required to put a ring on it. And there is no contract locking you in for a long term thing that you rushed into because there just when it comes to internet, TV, and phone and you've been hurt before.

Verizon is backed by the world’s best network and customer service support. Access to the FiOS app lets you control your DVR from your phone and check up on the status of your account details. Pretty soon, you may feel like posting on social media that your relationship status has changed.

Until then, Verizon FiOS will let you play the field until you decide that their toothbrush can take permanent residence in your apartment. Hey, Verizon FiOS understands that you need time to build something good together and they will wait for you. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Verizon FiOS in Philadelphia. All opinions expressed are my own. #FiOSPhilly

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  1. Perfect way to describe the awesomeness of Fios Prepaid!