Thursday, March 9, 2017

Making After School Snacks Bearable Again

“There’s nothing to eat!” my kids will wail as they stand before a fully stocked pantry of after-school snacks. They could be standing in front of a wall of snacks and still say this the very same way we, as adults will look at our closet and see the same thing with our clothes. Sometimes, you just get tired of the same old thing.

What about this? I’ll point to my go-to snack, hoping they forget about the ones they piled into their lunchboxes just the night before.

“No. I don’t want that, I don’t like it.” she will say, turning up her nose and crossing her arms. I knew that would happen because they came back from school untouched. I thought I could sneak one by her and present it as something new. It was worth a shot.

“Okay, how about this?” I point to my secondary go-to snack, the ones they’ve like since they were just babies getting used to solid foods.

“I’m TIRED of those, isn’t there anything new that’s good?” she sighs and sometimes falls to the floor, frustrated by my "narrow" selections. Apparently my snack game is weak and I need to bring them something new and exciting that they will look forward to at school and after school.

I try in vain to convince them that they should take my offering knowing all the while that I wouldn't eat it either if I were them. And so, the dance begins to drag on, where I suggest a snack that I thought they would love forever only to find that it tragically has fallen out of favor.

I may have had previously stood before endless possibilities in the grocery store trying to find something that I know they will eat only to get it home and find out that they’ve changed their minds about how they feel about it. If you see my scratching my head at the grocery store taking things down and then talking myself out of it after I read the labels, this is the reason why.

“You USED to love this,” I’d say. You DO love this, and you’re going to eat it. “ Yes. That usually goes over very well. The truth is, they are tired of the same old thing and that’s when parents need to give them a snack that says fun and nutritious.

This is the moment that most parents relent. When asked if for the twentieth time they can have the sugary snack you normally keep for a rainy day. Suddenly, those popsicles in the freezer become fair game even though you know they aren’t good for them but you just are tired of the struggle.

Struggle no more parents. I was that guy until I found Teddy Soft Bakes. Teddy Soft Bakes are wholesome snack that don’t contain all the artificial junk that other after-school snacks may have. They are light-textured cakes in the shape of a Teddy Bear full of chocolate or vanilla filled centers.

Just the presentation of the box had peaked the interest of my children. There was a box for the chocolate lover and the vanilla lover too. And they recognized that fun shaped figure that has spent his time in their lunchboxes for years. Everyone loves teddy bears right? Especially when they are chocolate and vanilla filled!

Suddenly, I was the culinary hero making snacks great again one day at a time.When my kids started taking them in their lunches, kids in her class were assessing their own for possible trade opportunities.. These Teddy Soft Bakes have their attention. Now, I just need to make sure I stock up and keep a steady supply on hand to ensure that snack time continues to be more bearable for me and them.

FTC Disclosure : I’m sharing Teddy Soft Bakes in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #discoverTeddy #myfirstTeddy

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