Friday, February 3, 2017

Make Your Breakfast Berry Fast and Berry Good

The slow descent down the stairs is usually the first thing I hear as my kids make their way to the kitchen for breakfast. The shuffling feet, the soft padding of fleece lined slippers create this slow whooshing sound a bit like sandpaper against the grain.

Slowly, like sheep roused from their stables headed out to pasture my children saunter into the kitchen. Hairdos all akimbo, eyes, hardly open, they manage to mumble a good morning but just barely.

They don't know it yet but they've got it pretty good. The youngest at six years of age goes to bed at 7:30 pm and she sleeps until 7:00 am. That's a good solid eleven and a half hours though she is resistant to waking at all when it is time to actually find where that one shoe has gone off to before heading out the door.

As the kids get older in age, our oldest a tween, we extend bedtime for shows he can't watch with his sisters. My son stays up a bit later but still manages nine and a half hours of sleep though the teenage years are creeping up on us. Those days when growing made you tired and you felt like you could eat everything under the sun.

But there's just no time in the morning; it's hectic and fast paced. You'll want to minimize the drama so it won't carry over. Sometimes, things get combined to maximize efficiency.

Breakfast is a time to fuel up for the day. It's a time to pack our backpacks, make sure our lunches are actually with us, and eat something quick before we head out the door. That's why cereal, especially Cheerios, are a part of our morning routine.

To cut down on the amount it steps before our minds are fully awake, we put the spoons and bowls out the night before to set ourselves up for a successful day. Each kid places a cereal before their bowl like an offering to the breakfast gods.

I've bought cereals as a stay at home dad for the last nine years. I can tell you that a terrible tasting cereal gets shoved into the back of the pantry, banished from ever seeing the bottom of a bowl. You know the one thing that always goes? Berries. Anytime I've bought berries at the store, I have to ration them out. Once, my daughters ate an entire two quart package of raspberries!

That's why our family is pretty excited about Very Berry Cheerios. I don't know how General Mills did it, but I'm envisioning a giant vat of berries and those whole grain oats in a gigantic blender. They also managed to make them gluten free and they contain no artificial flavors or colors. Thank you cereal scientists!

Now instead of putting berries on our cereal, we have berries in our cereal. Getting a spoonful of berries in every bite is always going to be a recipe for happy kids, now if I can just keep them eating them all before I get a bowl. 

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Cheerios for this campaign, but my opinions are my own.

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