Sunday, January 29, 2017

Get Stuff Done With Verizon FiOS Instant Internet

I didn't mean for it to happen so quickly so I'm glad it did. I came back from a wonderful Christmas holiday buoyed by the spirit of the season looking forward to the new year. What I didn't know was in roughly three days time after returning, I'd be interviewing for my first job in eight and a half years after being a stay at home dad during that time.

I was a little scared, a lot nervous, but excited at all the same time. Was I prepared for this? Only time would tell whether I was up to speed on today's youth. I haven't totally stopped teaching during the last eight years. I've volunteered plenty in my kid's classrooms and even have volunteered as the art teacher for our church's vacation bible school the last two years.

Well, it turns out that I got the job. I would be teaching Graphic Design to high school students. It has been a long time since I have tackled Adobe Illustrator so I knew I had to brush up on my techniques so that I could pass what I know onto the kids.

Teaching, as you can imagine requires lots and lots of research and preparation. It's time spent writing lesson plans, researching techniques online, and filling out lots of documentation prior to your start. In the days leading up to my position's start date, I spent time talking to a friend online about lesson plans and his approach with his students. I talked to him over the phone for almost two hours getting the lowdown on what teaching Graphic Design is like almost a decade later.

I combed lessons on Pinterest, I watched endless videos on YouTube, and I spent lots of time setting up a cool new feature that more and more teachers are employing, Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a virtual classroom that allows teachers to upload assignments, communicate with individual students, grade work remotely stored on their Google Drive, and grade work from afar.

Gone of the days are handouts and copiers. Create all your documents in Google Docs and you can upload the assignment right to the Google Classroom. If you set a date and a student turns it in late, it records the date and time that they upload it right there in your record and sends you an email letting you know!

Of course with all this renewed online activity, I needed an internet provider that isn't going to slow down when I am speeding up. That's why I have Verizon FiOS and if you live in Philadelphia like me, you might have Instant Internet available to you already. Instant Internet is different than any internet other providers can offer. Up to 750 mbps Upload AND Download speeds mean no waiting for videos to load and you can share your content with others just as fast.

Do you have a lot of devices that share bandwidth? With Verizon FiOS Instant Internet, you can have 100 devices streaming content at the same time. My wife can work on her laptop, myself on my PC, and the kids can all watch movies or play apps on their devices so we can get work done. With all that speed you can get a lot of stuff done and still enjoy streaming your movies later because your work will be done in no time. Go to today and get rid of your slow connection and into the fast lane with Verizon FiOS Instant Internet.

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