Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How To Prepare for the School Year (When You're an Adult)

If you're anything like me, organization is not your strong point. That's why when summer comes around, I look forward to the days of unstructured laziness, lounging by the pool and not having a care in the world.

Though it seems that the hazy days of summer will never end, they usually do and at some point you'll see back to school supplies creeping into stores as pool noodles take a backseat to pumpkin everything.

We had a great summer filled with travel and exploration. We visited cities like Niagara Falls, Baltimore, Toronto, and I even had a chance to travel to San Diego and London! There was much time in the sun and even more soaking up on culture but at the back of my mind I know the kids' first days of school and those pictures getting on the bus are following so quickly it makes my head spin.

While my kids are gearing up for school, I have found this year that I need to be more on top of the organization at home. So I'm turning to the internet for help courtesy of Verizon FiOS' Quantum Gateway router which keeps me and my family on task. Here are five tips to help you keep on top of things this year and to keep those angry teacher letters to home from making their way into your kids' take home folder.

1. Do Your Research On Your Child's School 

Every school has a website now and they put some pretty good information up there for our perusal. You can find out the skinny on your kid's teacher and contact him or her before the school year starts especially if you are itching to be that first mystery reader. Be that know-it-all parent at curriculum night that doesn't have questions that can easily be answered online. Then, when the night is over, take a selfie of your smug face because you did your research.

2. Talk to Your Kids about Online Use 

Technology is everywhere now. Your child's school probably has them doing some things you wrote about in the a story called "What Schools Will Be Like in The Future" when you were in six grade. Alas, we still don't have flying cars but our kids have access to some awesome technology. Some, even have kids using iPads and technology in school. With great power comes great responsibility though. Make sure you review policies and expectations with your children about appropriate online use both at school and at home. If you have Verizon, you can control content either from your home page online or from your My Verizon app on your phone.

3. Get Organized 

I found a great site online called Todoist that also comes in app form. It works across all your devices and is user friendly. Once you create tasks for the day, you'll receive notifications with reminders that things remain and unlike a notification from your calendar that you swipe into oblivion, it will keep reminding you until you complete the task. You can even collaborate with other people and assign them tasks which they will receive a notification about. This comes in handy when that last drop of milk as been used that morning and you forgot that you have to bake cookies for the school PTA bake sale.

4. Forget the Stores, Shop Online

Those visions of large size glue sticks dancing in your head are just a dream. They are long, long gone taken by those parents who smelled blood in the water before the supply list was even posted online. You'd be lucky to get a folder that might disintegrate on contact at this point. Amazon has everything and it comes right to your door, unless you like hip-checking the parent next to you for the last box of Number 2 pencils.

5. Don't Stress About What's for Dinner 

I despise grocery shopping. It all leads back to my time at Peapod as a personal shopper. But what I dislike more is the look on my children's faces when I tell them what is for dinner. That's where Blue Apron comes in. The ingredients ARE IN THERE! All you need to do is prepare it. Each meal has a card with the ingredients, full color instructions, and a history of the item on the menu. You can adjust for you children's tastes but we have had some spectacular family meals thanks to them and I didn't even have to touch one of those germy carts!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Verizon FiOS in Philadelphia. All opinions expressed are my own. #FiOSPhilly

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