Monday, July 25, 2016

10 Dad Photographers You Should Be Following

Photography has been a passion of time since I was five. My grandfather, a chemist by trade had a darkroom in his basement where he taught me everything he knew about composition, color, contrast and light.  It had a lasting effect on me so much so that I became a high school photography teacher so that I could pass that knowledge onto others. The power of the still image is one that I am drawn to. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in the cases of some of the following dad photographers, there is so much more.

Jeff Bogle - Out With the Kids - @owtk

He's won an Iris Award for his photography and you can see why. He has an eye for the extraordinary in the everyday. World traveler and dedicated dad, he'll never let you down with his images.

Phil Corless - North Idaho Dad - @northidahodad

Phil is a soft spoken guy but the kind of dad that doesn't say things just to say them. When he talks, you will intently listen because you don't want to miss anything. His images are just like him.

Daniel Ruyter - Dadtography - @danielruyter

Daniel finds those moments in time where your heart strings get pulled. He knows that a portrait isn't always about a face and a smile but pieces of time you don't want to forget.

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Pat Jacobs - Pat Jacobs Images - @pjacobs_images

If you want to learn what Chicago is like at night, follow Pat for his beautiful images of light. He understands and finds the light wherever he goes whether it be landscapes or in people.

James Currie - James Currie Photography - @jcurrie

James has the artistic eye that you have been craving. He's dedicated to his craft and it shows. From Chicago and beyond, you will be amazed at his captures.

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Michael Wilson - Dadphotographer - @dadphotographer

He's a dad, he's a photographer. He's dadphotographer! You're going to see lots of pictures of his kid as any dad will attest, we can't help it. But mixed in with those are wonderful shots that you can't look away from.

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Zach Rosenberg - 8BitDad - @zjrosenberg

I'm just going to be real here for a moment. This guy likes to take pictures of his food. If you're into that just don't scroll through his feed before lunch because it will make you super hungry. Zach has a knack for finding the most amazing shots and he'll always keep you guessing.

Trevor Mulligan - OneSAHD - @onesahd

This guy has a special place in my heart because he introduced me to the TG2 underwater/macro point and shoot. You'll see in his images that he has mastered this shots and will find the beauty in all things small, especially his sons.

CC Chapman - @cc_chapman

Have ruck sack, will travel is his motto. If you are into travel and photography, CC is your guy.

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Mike Heenan - AtHomeDadMatters - @athomedadmatters

Mike's has a lot of love in his heart and it shows in his photos of his girls, music, and his travels. Not only that but you'll see some sick 360 shots of some of the places he visits.

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