Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Is Your LEGO Dad Truth?

For as long as I can remember, LEGO has been a part of my life and my children's' lives. We have an entire room dedicated to housing the many sets we have accumulated and it takes about half a day to even get them up off the floor so I can vacuum that room.

When we visit my in-laws house, they have Tupperware bins full of vintage Legos that stay at their house so when the kids get to play with them, they play with the same sets that their uncle did when he was a kid. LEGO has and always will be a family tradition in our family.

There is literally no other toy that has kept my kids interested more than LEGO. The open ended play is unparalleled and I am constantly amazed by their creations. Inspired by the show Just Add Magic on Amazon, my kids created their own set after watching the series.

LEGO has always been a reflection of culture and even more now, family.  At Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington DC in February 2016, they further demonstrated this by creating the first ever stay at home dad minifigure.

We also had our own opportunity to share a Dad Truth with LEGO who took our ideas and turned them into LEGO Dad creations as shown in the top image. LEGO has always supported dads and the creation of their new site LEGO Dad is no exception.

Now, you can show your love of LEGO and win a chance at $40 worth of merchandise. To enter, leave a blog post comment telling me what your LEGO #DadTruth would be. For more chances, tag me on IG  @dadncharge with a picture of you and your kids telling me what makes you the ultimate LEGO Dad. Use #LEGODadTruth to be considered.

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  1. Dad truth: if you're kid hasn't gotten sick during the school year, they will become ill as you're leaving on vacation.

  2. When the kids go to sleep I build legos with instructions...Then they knock them down during the day..

  3. My lego dad truth is that I love playing legos more than my kids do.

  4. The name Lego was at first begat by the organization's author, Ole Kirk Christiansen, a craftsman from Billund in Denmark, in 1934 when he was all the while producing wood toys.Lego City Sets