Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Will Watch Netflix Anywhere

Do you Netflix? Do you bro?

Where do you do it?  We'd like to know.

I do, I do! I watch it here, I watch it there.

I watch it pretty much everywhere.

I will watch it while in a Jeep

I often watch it while the wife is asleep

I watch it on inclines that are steep

I watch it with the kids so they won't weep

Cartoons, Drama, Mystery

Is there no end of choices for me?

Blackouts? No. There is no ban

I even watch it while on the can.

I watch it to keep weirdos in public at bay

I sometimes watch it when the kids are at play

I watch it when I need to be alone.

We watch it together when we are home.

Do you Netflix? I do bro.

I can watch it anywhere I go.

Will you watch it in a canoe? 

If I have Wi-Fi, sure I do!

Would you watch it while on a cruise?

Yes and that's the great thing about getting to choose!

I'd watch it from a ship's bow

I'd even watch it with a cow. 

Would I watch it with another man? 

I would I would! We could watch it in my van. 

I'd watch it on mobile while I was on the go

I'd watch it in waiting rooms don't 'cha know?

I'd watch it while the kids play at the park

I'd watch it in the morning and after dark

 Do you watch it when you have the flu?

Once I'm recovering, you know I do!

Do you Netflix? I do, Miss.

Being able to watch it anywhere is bliss.

Do you watch it with your wife?

We watch it together, it's part of our life

Series that we save for togetherness

Turn into late nights being adventurous

Do I Netflix? You know it son! 

These places that we can watch have only just begun

I hope by now you are a Netflix fan

Watch it here, there, and anywhere you can!

Disclaimer : This post was brought to you by DadNCharge on behalf of the Netflix #StreamTeam. All opinions are my own. 

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