Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Secret to Being Smooth

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I can be honest with myself. I haven’t always been smooth. When you think about someone who has it all working for them you consider them a smooth operator. That’s someone who has everything working for them and can run everything without a hitch.

We spent time taking wrinkles in our existence and smoothing them out. Clearing a path or ironing them out, our way becomes much easier when it seems to be smooth as glass.

I’ll be the first to admit, I was less than smooth in college. I really had a tough time figuring out just what it was that women actually wanted. I’d see some guys who seemed to be smooth turn out to only be acting that way. In the end, they would ruffle more feathers and end up trying to smooth them out.

In life, we want things to be smooth. We want our paths to be unhindered and worry free. No one wants to drive down the bumpy path or set sail on choppy waters. We want smooth sailing all the way.

When things go badly, you hope that they can smooth things out. That’s when life gets complicated and difficult to deal with you may be hoping that everything is as smooth as silk. Smooth implies that there are no imperfections and that your path is clear. Being smooth implies a certain sense of calm and that everything is right with the world.

My kids have come to expect that sort of order while I have been an at home dad. Running the household is rarely ever smooth sailing. But, having a schedule and keeping things in order can help with those issues. When I run things smoothly, everyone is happier.

It makes sense that my wife has never been a fan of disorder whether it be in our life or on my face. She’s not a fan of beards or any sort of facial hair. In fact, Movember is a rough time in my household for me and my family. My wife won’t come near me when I have facial hair so things can get hairy so that’s why I am more inclined to stay a clean shaven man.

Maybe it is because I am one of those guys who can’t grow a decent beard even if I wanted to. I see all these hipsters with beards and I’m not envious. Everyone in my family loves it when my face is sans facial hair. My kids also hate it when I’m “scratchy” and they shy away from kisses at night because they get poked by my mustache. So to keep things running smoothly in my household I keep my face smooth as a baby’s bottom to make everyone happy.

It's a good thing that Gillette Fusion ProShield can help me smooth things over with the family. Shaving effectively means you need to have lubrication. These razors have lubrication before and after the blade shields to ensure a smooth shave.  If you purchase a pack from Sam's Club, one pack will last you up to 9 months to ensure things continue to run smoothly for almost a whole year!

As you can see, I take being smooth very seriously. As a bald man who shaves his head, I don't just trust any blade for my noggin. The last thing as a bald man you want are irritating blades that will maim you so much that it looks like you got in a fight before heading to work. Lubrication before and after the blade just makes sense. When you are hitting rough patches the lubrication strips on the Gillette Fusion ProShield razors will help you glide right on through.

What's your secret for staying smooth? Leave a comment below and share this post and you could win a Sam's Club gift card. 

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