Monday, April 4, 2016

The Force Awakens in a New Generation of Fans

We will finish...what you started. The room was raucous and full of pent up energy. It was a Friday after school and we opened up our home to eight tweens on April 1st. However, this was no April Fool's Day joke. We had just received Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD and a Hasbro party pack four days prior to it's release on Blu-ray April 5th and thanks to Hasbro my son had a very special eleventh birthday party. I couldn't think of a more perfect way to kick off another year of growth with him than to watch the one movie from my childhood I had made sure would be passed down to him.

The boys sit raptly watching the movie and when someone would talk I felt a sense of pride in them when they policed themselves and shushed the offending talker. The experience of owning a movie that you have been waiting for so long and one that you probably saw with your parents is a special feeling. It's like owning a part of your history.

After the feature presentation, this group of 11 year olds spent the next hour at a sleepover birthday party not battling with the Hasbro Bladebuilders lightsabers but instead watched the special features which included Secrets of The Force Awakens, Building BB-8, Crafting Creatures, and Deleted Scenes. Do yourself a favor and if you're a real Star Wars fan, make sure you get the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray so you'll know what everyone is talking about.

Through all my years of geeking out as a kid myself, playing Star Wars in my friend's backyards pretending to be our heroes, shooting bad guys, and mastering The Force like it was our religion, Star Wars has been a part of me since before I can remember. Over time I've amassed comic books, collector's cards, and a multitude of toys I've let him play with since he was old enough to appreciate why dad's complete Yoda is a special thing and just why no one is allowed to play with dad's complete Slave I spaceship.

Our Darth Vader case doesn't sit in the attic anymore waiting to be used. It sits in our playroom so they can have full access to the toys. My daughters play with Rancors and are partial to the Princess Leias. Every time they take them out, it brings me right back to my childhood. I look forward to the days when they call me into the room asking if I'd like to play Star Wars with them instead of the other way around.

Hasbro is keeping this tradition alive with toys especially with toys that focus on Rey including the Takodana Encounter 3.75 inch Multipack featuring Rey, Finn, Maz Kanata and BB-8 and the 12" Rey (Jakku) figure they sent in the pack. If you were wondering where Rey has been, she is featured in the Takodanda Encounter pack with her blue lightsaber by her side.

The viewing party must has inspired them because for the next two hours I policed the Nerf First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster and Kylo Ren Bladebuilder lightsaber battles. It was the perfect ending to a proud night for me. My son told me the next day that it was the perfect birthday party and you can't ask for anything more than that from your child.

Even our cat, Butters decided to get in on the action. With the blaster vacating it's box, he decided to set up shop. Thanks to Hasbro who made my son's eleventh birthday party a special one that none of us will forget. Remember to buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray DVD tomorrow, April 5th in stores or online. Make your own viewing party one that is special with Hasbro so that you too can pass down the legacy that is Star Wars to your children.

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FTC Disclaimer: My friends at Hasbro sent me these Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and DVD to throw a viewing party for my son's birthday and write about my experience. All views expressed are my own. 

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