Monday, April 18, 2016

Shows For Your Bros

Mom! He's on my side of the car!

No, I'm not but look how close I can get to the line. "I'm not touching it, I'm not touching it."

Mom! He's annoying me again!

Stop fighting or I swear I'll turn this car around!

If you've ever experienced this exact same conversation, it's a good possibility that you have a sibling. It's true, they are there to annoy us most of the time. Maybe they take our stuff or steal our clothes right out of our closet. If your creepy little brother ever embarrassed you at a slumber party by walking around in his underwear or your sister hogged the bathroom for far too long, you understand the torture.

They aren't all that bad though. My younger brother and I spent lots of time together playing after school, staging our own after school Wrestlemania matches, playing every kind of sport, and doing things that brothers do which in general means getting into everything but our homework.

As you grow up life's little annoyances become different and hopefully, your relationship with your sibling matures. They may still annoy you but as you move away from each other you may begin to realize that your time together is much different.

You may even be able to invite them over for a beer to watch Netflix together just as long as they stay on their side of the couch. So here are some shows that include brothers of all kinds that you can watch together.

Can't decide what to watch? If a game of paper, rock, scissors can't decide, leave it up to the Netflix Fortune Teller to decide for you. Your brother can't argue with fate. 

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