Monday, March 14, 2016

Building More Than Just LEGOS

I remember a time when we would have to keep all the LEGOS away from her. My son had a bin that we could only pour out when my youngest was taking a nap. The temptation for her to ingest them was too great so the times when we would get to build together were a pretty special. 
We bought for her instead, he own Duplo blocks, large enough for her to grasp without getting into her older brother and sister's sets. Usually if she did, it was like a baby Godzilla unleashed on Lego City and the rebuilding would take hours, maybe days to get it back the way it once was.

At one time she would let me build her set for her. She would take to putting the minifigures together while I quickly grabbed the instructions and we would "build it together" until it was completed. Those days are done now with me dictating the step by step instructions the same way my wife explains IKEA furniture to me. 

She's grown up with LEGO and our time together building is more about building memories than sets. I just sit back and marvel at her finding the right color and size thinking back to a time when putting it in her mouth was the goal. My kids love Lego Friends sets so much that they have taken other sets and created their own versions of favorite TV shows like Just Add Magic

Kids have a tendency to take what they watch and apply it to their own lives. After watching Season One of LEGO Friends : The Power of Friendship, my daughters were outside playing basketball in no time. My son, after watching LEGO Bionicle : The Journey to One, he went outside to wield a stick like the Toa of the series.   Building with LEGO is an activity that we all love and we are building more than just sets, we are building memories and Netflix has the LEGO shows to help you get there.

LEGO Friends : The Power of Friendship 

LEGO Bionicle : The Journey for One 

LEGO Batman : Be-Leaguered 

LEGO Elves 


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