Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fuel For Life

I created this post as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars and Shell; all opinions are my own. #ShellCrowd

I hate the grocery store. I hate everything about it. Even though I have a list of things I have to get there's a certain aspect of gathering that I just despise. I guess that I'd rather be the hunter without the actual killing part, that just seems wrong.

It's my fault the kids have come to rely on what I choose from the grocery store as their truth. And while five boxes of different kinds of cereals probably seems excessive to most people, my daughters will constantly remind me if we get below nine which is the benchmark they say, is appropriate since they never, ever want to run out of cereal. 

Then there is the milk situation. My family drinks one gallon of milk per day. Yes, that is not a typo. Per day. I find myself rationing out milk at dinner time and carefully watching the breakfast pour. If they aren't tipping that cereal bowl to lap up that milk like an overexcited kitten at the end, dad takes over pouring the milk the next day. 

I cringe at the thought that my five year old at some point will insist on being able to "pour it herself" trying to impose her will over my ban on milk overuse. If there's any reason I still have any kind of definition in my arms it is because I'm lugging three gallons of milk from the store, to my car and into my house every three days. 

Recently, during the threat of a winter storm warning, I headed to the grocery store because, surprise! We were almost out of milk. I did our regular shopping and loaded up the conveyor belt with the overflowing cart. The checkout kid looked at me and looked at the belt and laughed.

He said to me "Stocking up for the the big storm?" 

"Nope, I'm just buying my usual amount of groceries"

"Are you serious?" he asked

"Yes, and my wife wanted a fourth kid!"

We went from a two family frozen pizza to a three family frozen pizza and now I have to stagger the cook times just to make sure they all get their time in the oven. Feeding a family of five is expensive and I'm always on the lookout for ways to save us some money. Good thing there is Shell's #FuelRewards card.  

Here's how it works sign up for a FREE Shell #FuelRewards card, link an existing credit card to it, and start saving money at the pump. You can link existing credit cards with the Fuel Rewards card and start earning points through dining, on-line shopping, and travel plus Shell will provided exclusive offers for Fuel Rewards members. Why not get rewarded for practically taking a loan out at the grocery store or purchasing shoes for your kids who are claiming they have holes in their shoes. Saving can be easy and everyday savings add up for the other things you'll need. New members who sign up can receive a $.25 per gallon sign up bonus. 

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