Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Year, New Adventures

The beginning is a good place to start. When the New Year rolls around resolutions get bandied about like kittens with string we make resolutions to give ourselves hope for this new chapter in our lives. This year I'm really going to stick to my diet. This year I am going to religiously exercise. This is finally the year I won't overindulge in anything!

Here is what will happen for the majority of us. We'll see the influx of new people we've never seen at the gym. We'll see them at the grocery store buying only organic food. We won't see them at the donut shop every morning getting their usual 64 ounce mocha coffee and chocolate glazed long john. Then, it will happen as it happens every year. We won't see them anymore as they drop off into old habits and give into temptations that they can't resist.

So let's vow to make a resolution we will stick with this year and promise ourselves to go on more adventures with our families. Whether it be braving the bitter cold of winter to go snow tubing or shoveling the front driveway together whatever you do, do it together. Hold on a second.

Wait, what am I saying? Freezing my rear end off outside in sub zero temperatures does not sound like a fun time. You know what does sound fun? Snuggling up on the couch where there may or may not be a groove created from my derriere with a fleece blanket covering ninety percent of my body while we watch funny shows together. Sipping on warm hot chocolate with the fireplace going? That sounds like the right kind of family bonding that's made for me!

So what am I watching in the new year? I've found my top three family friendly and top three just for me shows on Netflix. Get ready to binge watch no matter where you are this frigid winter and cozy up to my list instead.


Sophia The First - New Episodes!

Sophia is the rags to riches princess that can talk with animals and she's learning slowly what it takes to be a real princess. My daughter is learning many social skills from this show like accepting others for who they are, not what they are, what it means to be a true friend, and how to deal with adversity when things don't go your way. Helped along by friends and family, Sophia always seems to find a lesson among the difficulty she faces as a young girl growing up.

Sammy & Co.

You probably remember Sammy from the movie A Turtle Tale. Well, Sammy has grown up and is now a grandfather raising his granddaughter and her friends among the reef. The kids learn valuable lessons about responsibility and bravery all the while learning that trusting each other is the most important lesson they should always follow. With plenty of action and silly underwater fun, it is sure to get your kids clambering towards the minivan to take them to swim lessons.

Kate & Mim Mim

Remember when you were a kid and you pretended that your stuff animals came to life? That's what Kate does in this show only when she says a special phrase she is automatically transported to a world where her purple bunny Mim Mim lives. Kate's play in the real world transfers over to this world and she goes on adventures figuring out tough questions she has along the way with her friends.


Real Rob 

Follow Rob Schneider in this hilarious show about his family in real life. It stars Rob and his real wife Patricia Schneider as they deal with celebrity status, his role as a father, and his super creepy but wildly efficient stalker. His wife made my wife laugh so hard she was literally crying. If you've had a hard day and need a good laugh, this is the show for you.

Jessica Jones 

In a world where female super heroes are starting to come into their own, Jessica Jones is a gritty look at what it would be like for a super to live among us normal humans without opting for tights and cape. Centered around the Marvel character of the same name, Jessica Jones is a private investigator dealing with a sordid past and she tries to overcome her demons while retaining her sanity. She's a badass but be warned, you shouldn't be watching this around your kids because of the adult content. Save this show for when they've gone off to bed.

Making a Murderer

If you haven't seen this documentary about Steven Avery's life you need to immediately watch it. The show revolves around Avery's life in Manitowoc County and his dealings with the police in Wisconsin. This show will shock and surprise you. It may even make you mad and frustrated. However you look at it, it is a must see and you'll find yourself sucked in to its compelling story.

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