Thursday, January 28, 2016

Getting By Winter With A Little Help From My Friend

My kids are sick, my wife has a sore throat, and I'm the last man standing in the germ infested house knowing things still need to get done no matter how I'm feeling. Winter Storm Jonas was bearing down on Philadelphia last week and people were buying milk and bread from the grocery store like an asteroid was hurtling towards the Earth. I saw people at the gas station loading up on gasoline like doomsday preppers and actually witnessed someone stocking up on toilet paper knowing they might be eating frozen burritos cooked in a fireplace for the next week.

As Jonas was bearing down on the East Coast, I had to laugh at the Midwesterners like The Rock Father claiming to be toughing it out through the cold. Oh, you have lake effect snow? That's cute. We're getting pounded from forty mile per hour winds and are slowly being buried alive by snow. There's a reason it's called a Nor'easter and not a Mid'wester.

Don't even get me started on those West Coast storm wannabes like Patrick Quinn from Life of Dad who claim they are toughing it out. Those California guys think it's cold when they have to put on pants instead of shorts and get scared when Mickey Mouse comes out and doesn't see his shadow. That's not tough guys, it's sad.

What is tough is braving the winds and snow of a blizzard knowing you have to make a path to what used to be a street. Being from the Windy City it has prepared me for the worst. The first purchase I made after my wife and I got married was the biggest baddest snowblower I could find. I call her Black Thunder and she has never let me down. Through record winters in Chicago, Rochester, and Philadelphia it helps to have a friend to help you get through it all.

While Black Thunder is there for me when a blizzard hits she can't help me when that tickle hits my throat. That sore throat is your body's first indication that a cold is coming so how can we tough it out when the driveway is waiting to swallow me alive?  Did you know back in the day that people used to grease their throat with chicken fat or lard and then placed dirty socks around their throat to induce sweating just find relief from a sore throat? Yikes. Thanks to Fisherman's Friend you don't have to suffer through your teen's dirty gym socks for a cure.

Reach for Fisherman's Friend lozenges instead to calm that tickle or soreness associated with the attack on your gullet. Fisherman’s Friend’s throat lozenges are the toughest on the market, originally formulated in 1865 for deep-sea fishermen from Fleetwood, England. If it was good enough for them, imagine all the good it will do for you. The All Natural Mentol & Eucalyptus flavor lozenges offer the highest allowable dosage of menthol per lozenge, a whole 10 mgs! Who wants to take one of these over and over again when you can knock that tickle out with one punch?

If it was good enough for deep-sea fisherman, it's definitely tough enough for me. In Original Extra Strong and Sugar Free Cherry both varieties will provide strong relief for those of us that are strong enough to handle it. No joke, my wife used them on her sore throat and had to take them out three times before she could even finish one. That is one tough lozenge to overpower the strongest woman I know!

Thanks to Fisherman's Friend lozenges I was a able to battle through 28 inches of snow that fell in 24 hours, dug out my car buried by drifting snow, and still found time to build a snowman or three with the kids. No one does #ToughRelief better than Fisherman's Friend when battling a real winter here on the East Coast. By the time you're done knocking out that tickle in your throat, it won't seem like winter in the slightest. Isn't it nice to know you've got a friend to help you get through it all?

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Fisherman’s Friend for this promotion.

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