Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Welcome to Strongsville : Home of the Perfect Lawn

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I finally found a vehicle that has ample legroom!

I've been mowing lawns since I was a teenager, pushing various mowers to earn a few bucks for gas money or nights out to the movies. I've taken care of lawns for the elderly in my neighborhood, managed a property where all the landscaping needed to be maintained, and have kept my own lawns healthy and happy at three different houses in which we've lived. 

With each new house I faced a different lawn care challenge. At our first home, I raised the freshly laid sod until it was established and weed free. At our next house, I faced the invasion of the dandelions after the previous owners just gave up on the grass. In our current house, the former residents mowed over anything and everything and never picked up, leaving me with a lawn that was mostly moss and forest floor ground cover. 

Instead of giving up, I armed myself with the knowledge and equipment to turn them around. I believe with a little TLC and the right tools any lawn can be resurrected.  You could say that I am a lawn care guru. There's nothing like being the first on your block to set the standard for your yard. You want a lawn that demonstrates your strength and adds to curb appeal not something that demonstrates weakness.

Now that I am getting a little older and my back a little worse pushing a mower for an hour is not my idea of a great time. There is going to come a time when I will need to pass off the grass cutting responsibility like my dad did when I was a teen. 

With the kids in school, I want a tractor that is going to get the job done quickly and efficiently so I can can go about the rest of my day and one I feel confident my son will be able to handle it. I need something strong that will last over the years and wear and tear.  So, I went shopping for a lawn tractor that I can pass down to my own son some day when caring for the lawn will become his responsibility. 
Cub Cadet is a brand I considered as they are dependable and well made, the perfect combination for cutting our lawn with precision and making the neighbors envious. 

I looked into the Cub Cadet Enduro XT2 Series Lawn Tractor which resists erosion with its patented E-Coat technology using an automotive grade corrosion resistance against wear and tear. If this riding mower looks like you bought from a car dealership, it's because it has been treated the same way. Getting the lawn it done quickly with the responsive power steering system will help me dodge lawn obstacles when those Barbies end up in the yard.  The cutting deck features heavy duty materials and an advanced belt design that will keep it running well into my son's teenage years so it's not just a purchase, it's an investment. 

At my test drive, I marveled at the turning radius as I slalomed around trees and maneuvered around other objects with ease. I have to admit it was so fun to drive that I did some donuts in the parking lot to really test its maneuverability.  I was impressed with the Enduro XT2's power but also liked a feature I haven't seen on any other tractors and that is it's ability to cut with the deck down while in reverse! 

With standard safety features like automatic engine cut off when the driver leaves the seat, I know myself and my son will be safer if there's a reason to leave the mower. The superior bagging ability will cut down on the amount of time I need to spend on it though it was as comfortable as my recliner. I also liked being able to view how much gas the tank has in it's digital display takes the guesswork out of whether I can get the job done with the right amount of fuel. 

Every XT2 tractor comes standard with premium Multi Trac tires featuring an aggressive tread design that directs the power straight to the ground, minimizing slip and spinning, even on wet grass. Cub Cadet’s XT Enduro Series lawn tractor sets a new standard, combining incredible strength with ultimate comfort. They call the Cub Cadet XT2 the
armored truck of lawn care because it stands up to everything, including every other tractor warranty out there. Backed by a warranty this strong (
Unlimited hours/5-Year Chassis & Front Axle/3-Year Powertrain) it's easy to see they are invested in a relationship with you for the long haul. 

Cub Cadet wants to welcome you to Strongsville. If this sounds like a good fit for your family, schedule a test drive at your local dealer by visiting the Cub Cadet website. You can make your lawn the talk of the town and turn your family into a Cub Cadet family for years to come.


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