Monday, July 6, 2015

LEGO Star Wars : Droid Tales Helps Star Wars Parents

It's a rite of passage for any child, the passing down of lore and legend from your childhood. If you've stared at the covers of Episodes I, II, and III wondering if you should just do it and deal with the consequences later you might be a Star Wars parent.  If you've ever contemplated the order to show the movies, you might be a Star Wars Parent. 

You may have played them over in your head trying to think if there is anything that might keep them up at night.  You might be a Star Wars parent if you may have wondered if the fighting in them might mean you will at some point you'll take a toy lightsaber to your kneecaps while you're wearing a black shirt.  If you think your children are too young to start watching Star Wars, LEGO has fixed that problem for you. 

LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales  is premiering the series starting Monday, July 6th so your entire family can see it for themselves.  Premiering at  6:30 pm (check local listings) on Disney XD, Droid Tales gives your family the chance to start catching up on the entire Star Wars saga before the new film hits the big screen in December with bite-sized, hilarious episodes. 

The series retells the stories of the Star Wars universe in chronological order from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace™ up through Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™, through the eyes of C-3PO and R2-D2. Rooted in the humor and excitement that can only be conveyed through the LEGO brick, the five-part, 22 min episode series is a great resource for families as they gear up for the next movie!

For over 15 years, the LEGO Group has been introducing children to the universe, and bringing an element of playful nostalgia to parents and adults who grew up with the franchise, so we're very excited to make the story even more accessible for families. Whether it is through construction sets, or the new Droid Tales series, fans - old and new - can now explore the universe in whatever experience they prefer, making LEGO Star Wars™ the ultimate catching up tool. 

I've seen a behind the scenes preview at Lucasfilm in February and I can tell you from personal experience that you will be laughing to all the insider Star Wars parents jokes they sneak in there about the series. Also, your kids will enjoy the LEGO way of storytelling that you  are used to in other LEGO films. The re-telling of this classic saga from the viewpoints of C-3PO and R2-D2 is a must see for any parent passing on their love of anything Star Wars to their littlest fans. 

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