Thursday, June 18, 2015

We All Scream For Ice Cream

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Klondike. I received free product coupons to facilitate my review as well as compensation for my participation.

You'll remember exactly where you heard it the first time you traded in your books for uninhibited bike rides. You'll remember forsaking everything else just to locate that sound like a bloodhound on the hunt for that summer time bell. It caused a Pavlovian sensation that had us scrambling for money left in cushions and induced haphazard smashing of piggy banks. 

Ah, summertime. The rays of sunshine, thoughts of vacation, and the emptying of young minds as their thoughts turn from math tests to what really matters. Ice cream. 

Is there anything more comforting than ice cream on a hot day? It's the one thing we will stand in line for an hour on a hot day, the topping to an already good pie, a summertime staple that will have children begging on their knees for some sweet relief. It's that one thing in our household that gets kids eating their Brussels sprouts and emptying their plates ready for dessert.  

Want to turn your usually defiant toddler into a compliant angel? Do you have a kid that is as stubborn as a mule when it come to cleaning their room? Show them that your freezer is stocked with Klondike ice cream this summer and they might turn it around. 

Klondike gets our wants, our desires. That's why they created 12 varieties of Klondike flavors like the new Cookie Dough Swirl, as well as Heath, REESE’S, Mint Chocolate Chip, Krunch, Caramel Pretzel, OREO, Dark Chocolate, Rocky Road, Double Chocolate, Neapolitan, and Original.  

Following up on those flavors in 2014 launched Klondike® Kandy Bars which are the perfect combination of the thick, chocolatey Klondike shell and creamy ice cream with mouth-watering candy bar goodness, and are available nationwide in the following varieties: the new Mint Fudge Cookie, as well as Caramel & Peanuts, Fudge Krunch, and Cookies & Cream. 

My kids went crazy for every flavor. They even "let" me have Rocky Road since it was my favorite. Chocolate infused with almonds and chocolate and marshmallow ice cream inside? Yeah, you're thinking you should head out right now and pick up some.

Klondike Bars are available in six-packs and Klondike Kandy Bars are currently available in four-packs at grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.99. Even better, why not win some FREE ICE CREAM?

Enter the giveaway below and you can win 1 FREE COUPON for a Klondike variety of your choosing. FIVE WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN.  Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstakes, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central and must be 18 and reside in the United States. If you win, you must provide your name and address for the coupon to be sent to your home directly. Winners will be notified by email.

Summer is a time to relax and to forget awhile about school and focus on family time. Reward your kids for their hard work this year with any of the 12 varieties of Klondike ice cream to show them that you're proud of their accomplishments. Ice cream and summertime go hand in hand. With a Klondike in one of those hands, it's a perfect fit. 

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  1. If I was younger it would have been cookie dough all the way! But that Rocky Road sounds like the best! Stopping by from good stuff!

  2. The mint chocolate chip ice cream and I would share with my son

  3. I would probably get the Oreo variety and then come home from work to find they have all been eaten. That is usually how it works!!!

  4. I want to try the caramel and peanuts and I would keep it for myself!

  5. Mmm. "Oh look, I got this mint chocolate chip Klondike bar for you! Yeah, I know I'm the best dad. What's in this cooler here? Nothing, just some frozen veggies and stuff."

  6. I'd pick the Reese's and hide them in the back of the freezer - all for me!!!