Monday, June 29, 2015

Are We Safe To Enjoy Summer?

Will they be okay when we are away? Will they need our attention once we are gone? Will anything happen when we are out of sight? What happens if we go on vacation and something happens?

Are these questions that keep you up at night when thinking about the safety of your home?

We all worry about these things especially in summer when the routine of school has started to fade and summer plans are racing through our heads. If you've asked yourself these questions you might be a homeowner or have a beloved family pet who is home alone all day.

Part raising the children includes keeping them safe whether it be in the parking lot, crossing the street, or while they gleefully jump off the nearest playground equipment stopping your heart for a few moments. But what about those moments we take for granted, when we are away or sleeping? 

Or maybe you aren't ready for kids and have fur babies instead. Either way, when you are away from your home, you want piece of mind that all is okay on the home-front. 

It's the little details that make all the difference in keeping your family safe in your home. Most fatal fires happen at night. Did you know a home fire happens every 85 seconds? It's the reason why we test smoke alarms, change the batteries every time the clocks change, and install carbon monoxide detectors in our homes. It's preventative maintenance to keep our homes safe and protected places much in the same way we make sure our cars are running smoothly.

So how can I be aware of how my house is doing when I am away? Maybe my neighbor could take time out of his daily life and check it every few hours or I could spend crazy amounts of money on video monitoring and alarm system. Sounds crazy right? That's why Kidde came up with the RemoteLync System, a simple and affordable way to monitor your home and keep your family and pets safe.

The RemoteLync Monitor from Kidde notifies homeowners of a home emergency when you're away- offering piece of mind at a great value. Ideal for a primary residence, vacation home or rental property , the device plugs into a single outlet, listens for smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, and uses your existing WiFi to remotely alert you via your cell phone or tablet. 

There are no monthly fees and the app for your phone or tablet are free. When triggered, the monitor sends an alert to the homeowner and anyone who has been designated to receive automatic messages. Once you receive the alert, there is an option to call 911 directly, temporarily hush the warning, or call a contact in the network you set up.

Here are the Highlights of the RemoteLync Monitor:

  • Connectivity: Listens for existing UL approved smoke and carbon monoxide alarms 24/7 and notifies the homeowers via a mobile app, using the home's existing wireless Internet connection
  • Full Home Coverage : One device is designed to cover the average sized U.S. home (approximately 2,000 sq. ft.) can cover any size home with hardwired, interconnected alarms so when one alarm sounds, they all sound
  • Plug and Play : Plugs into a single wall outlet; voice prompts and a user friendly app interface make set up easy
  • No Extra Costs or Subscriptions : No need to purchase additional products and no monthly fees; the app is free

It's easy to set up right out of the box and includes voice prompts for easy set up. All you have to do is plug it into a single wall outlet and follow the directions given by the unit. Using the app, you can start a test from your phone or tablet, then test your furthest smoke detector to see if the unit can hear it. Once it confirms, you can test your CO alarm as well. Once programmed, the RemoteLync Monitor will listen for these alarms for you and send text messages and email to your phone letting you know it has detected an alarm.

The RemoteLync Monitor costs $99 and is available at and nationwide and Home Depot stores. 

FTC Disclaimer : I was compensated for the review of the product. All opinions are my own but if you ask me, this is one cool gadget you should have for your home. 

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