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Unlock The Avenger In Your Daughters and Assemble!

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The mission is set. It will be fraught with peril and I will have to overcome enormous obstacles if I am to be victorious. My enemies are well prepared for my power. They know my weaknesses as well as my strengths. I will need brains and brawn to make sure this mission is a success, That, and some minimal amounts of spandex.  You see, I'm a superhero so it comes with the territory. The evil Ultron is hellbent on world domination and I need help. Last time I thought I could do it alone but this time, I brought my friends, The Avengers. 

Okay well, they are really my three great kids. But, we make a heck of a team. What they've learned from this comic book nerd is that dress up is a part of life and that playtime, especially when playing superheroes, that dad will be flying along side them on the way to battle. That's why it is important to be a part of the Avengers Unite movement. See our MARVEL's The Avengers : Age of Ultron  DIY projects below. 

I grew up in a time when I became Iron Man and my bike was just an extension of my Iron Man armor. Just a simple trip to the store became a battle against all odds. Where four lanes of traffic was a perilous asteroid field and another dimension was waiting just across the street. 

Overcoming all the odds, I would make it to my safe place, White Hen the local convenience store where I would sit in the aisle, near the magazine stand in the rear of the store and pour over the comics every week. The owner would always yell once he discovered me tucked in the sunny corner near the window "Hey Bernholdt! This is a store, not a library!" I couldn't help it, I just got lost in the stories and had endless hours playing, pretending it were me instead. 

I've never been one to shy my girls away from comic books and playing superheroes. Each kid has received a mask and cape as a gift at some point regardless of whether they were a boy or girl. It's always been an intent of mine to show my two daughters how strong and smart women of the comic book world can be. That's why I don't hesitate to buy them superhero toys just because they are "supposed to be for boys" as many of the boys in their classes have told them. Instead I prepare them by teaching them about Iron Man, Black Widow, The Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Captain America. In most cases they know way more than their male classmates will ever know. You too can help your kids get up to par with the Super Heroes Assemble app available in iTunes and the Google Play store now. 

That's why we're excited for the release of  MARVEL's The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie set to release on May 1st. To celebrate the release, we went to pick out a new Avengers toys and snacks from WalMart and their the huge variety of MARVEL's The Avengers:Age of Ultron toys. We also found some Avengers treats. You can't fight crime on an empty stomach!

My daughter couldn't contain her excitement when we took in the in store display. When we found the Hulkbuster Iron Man we knew we had to have it. The fact that it came with Hulk had my daughter yelling "HULK SMASH!" all the way down the aisle. 

So inspired by all the great toys and masks we purchased, we assembled outside to play MARVEL's The Avengers : Age of Ultron in the backyard and that's when the inspiration for our two crafts came. My older daughter Sarah, wanted to be Thor but she didn't have a hammer and Heidi, wanting to smash something for real, wanted her own Hulk Smash Hands. Now, we are really going to assemble something! 

Materials : 

2 small box tissues (may allow children to empty these for fun)

Masking tape/Painter's tape

Roll of green duct tape 

Newspaper or brown paper bags 

Black Sharpie 


1. Empty the small tissue boxes of all the tissues. Kids may want to go crazy doing this or you may already have one that has emptied one recently. 

2. Take a piece of newspaper/ cut paper from brown paper bag and roll them into a long strips. These should be about 10" long. Fold it into three equal sections. Make five of these for the fingers. 
3. Using masking tape or painter's tape, tape these into position. You'll want to attach them to the top and front with the opening for the hand facing you. Four of the skinnier ones can be used for the fingers and a larger one for the thumb. After four have been attached, position the thumb diagonally across the top of the box. 

4. Place green duct tape strips down first between all the fingers by pinching it in the middle and leaving the tape open at the ends. These pieces will anchor the pieces to the box before you can cover it.

 5. Wrap the entire box using duct tape strips that will cover two sides of the box. Cover the remaining two sides the same way.  Leave the area where the tissues would come out open so the kids can put their hands inside.
6. Depending on the size of the hand, you may have to tape the opening closed slightly so it becomes more snug. Use the Black Sharpie to draw on fingernails and delineate the space between fingers to give it depth.  

7. Go outside and smash stuff like Hulk but don't hit your older brother because he may cry. 


Cereal box of the wider variety

Two paper towel rolls

Black and silver duct tape



1. Cut the box down the seams to your desired "hammer" size. Remove one long side at the same height as the bottom of the hammer leaving you with three flaps. Bend the long flap so that it is even with where you cut the other one and crease it to form a rectangle.  Fold in the side flaps and close the long flap. You should have a rectangular box.

2. Using the paper towel roll, trace the outline of the paper towel roll on the bottom and top of your rectangular box. Cut out these circles. 

3. Since you don't want this thing to cave in, stuff the inside of your box with newspaper, making sure the side flaps don't block the holes you just made.

4. Creasing one paper towel roll slightly, fit one roll inside the other and twist until your handle is at your desired length. Mojilnir's hammer protrudes slightly above the top of the hammer. Slide the entire assembly through the bottom and up out through the top. 

5. Secure the handle into place with silver duct tape. An easy way to adhere the round roll to the box is to slightly rip the middle of the tape so it can be wrapped around the roll when placed. Where it is ripped on both sides is where the box meets the paper towel roll. 

6. Use silver duct tape to cover the short sides of the hammer first just on the top and bottom. When that is done, wrap the hammer long ways in silver duct tape sealing the work you just did. 

7. Stuff the rolls with newspaper top and bottom so it doesn't fall apart after the first use. You can reinforce the handle with a strip of cardboard to ensure it doesn't bend. 

8. Cover the tops of the rolls with pieces of black duct tape. Then, wrap the handle starting from the hammer to the end. For the top, you may have to tear the duct tape horizontally to ensure it doesn't overlap too much at the top and is flush with the rest of the tape. 

9. Go outside and raise it to the sky to summon some lightning and use Mojilnir's hammer to wield Thor's might! 

How will you celebrate the opening of MARVEL's The Avengers : Age of Ultron with your family?

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  1. Your daughter is AWESOME and she's lucky to have you to help her navigate the world of super heroes. #client