Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One Less Thing To Worry About

From the minute I wake up the demands for the day start rolling through my head. Get up, get dressed,  clean up the cat puke at the foot of your bed. Wake Adam up and make sure Sarah is dressed. MAKE COFFEE STAT.

Did Adam feed the cats yet? Is all of their homework in their take home folders and is that research project that is due today in the car for safe travel?  Make sure the kids eat breakfast and inspect their lunches. Did they brush their teeth? IS THE COFFEE DONE YET?

What's for dinner tonight? What activities are going on after school. Did I clean the toilets yesterday? Why do I go to the grocery store everyday?  DRINK THAT COFFEE BEFORE YOU FORGET!

Have they made their beds. Why isn't the youngest awake yet, I have an appointment! Are the backpacks ready to go? Why are their rooms already trashed? Did they brush their teeth? The bus is coming in two minutes! WHERE DID I PUT DOWN MY COFFEE?

Once I get them off to school, the voices never really stop. I'm that guy walking around the grocery store talking to myself like a coach hyping up his players. It helps me stay in the game. Being the primary purchaser for the family can make you crazy. There are so many decisions to make in one day that affect the health and safety of my family that it can get overwhelming.

I mean, have you been in the vitamin aisle lately? They have vitamin gummies for kids and adults but they are made mostly of corn syrup. One says it is a multivitamin but then doesn't have Omega-3 in it. Another claims to have the everything you need yet tastes absolutely horrible. How can I force my kids to take something I wouldn't even eat?

The good news is that you don't because of SmartyPants Vitamins. SmartyPants was the first to combine four vitamins into one. With a full multivitamin, eco-friendly Omega 3s (DHA and EPA) over 100% of your daily Vitamin D3, and an amount of B12 equivalent to a standalone supplement, they focused on those nutrients toughest to get from food. Not only is it packed with all that good stuff your body needs, but it tastes delicious which simplifies your decision even more.

Have you ever looked at a product's label and wasn't sure if it was safe for your family depending on your lifestyle or allergies?  SmartyPants Vitamins have no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. You won't need them because they aren't going to last. My kids love them.

There are made without high fructose corn syrup, are gluten free, tree nut and peanut free, and contain no dairy. They are the perfect little package of delicious and nutritious and they are made for the whole family.

Cue the cool announcer voice in your head: If that doesn't impress you, wait there's more! SmartyPants Vitamins has a partnership with Vitamin Angels which helps those who need vitamins the most, the at-risk populations of children, pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five, to get the nutrients they need from vitamins. SmartyPants makes a nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels for every single bottle purchased.

Still need convincing? Watch this video below from SmartyPants.

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Disclosure: DadNCharge received compensation for review of this product by SmartyPants Vitamins. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Sorry, I obviously didn't read the FB post carefully enough to see that it CLEARLY states: "Enter by commenting on the blog about how you keep your family healthy."

    #1 ingredient to keeping my kids (7 & 4) healthy: Lots and lots of LOVE
    #2 daily vitamins
    #3 sunscreen (living in Florida can be torturous to the skin)
    #4 exercise - playgrounds, swimming, bikes, scooters, running at the beach, letting them have their crazy dances
    #5 TRY to avoid the fast food joints as much as possible (I don't always succeed here)
    #6 milk and water for beverages instead of carbonated sodas
    #7 read to/with them
    #8 brain-engaging games like jigsaw puzzles, knock-knock jokes, math quizzes, ad-lib singing to popular songs
    #9 laugh...a lot!
    #10 allergy meds (for my 4 year old)

  2. Oh man, I need to check these out! I hate making vitamin choices for all the reasons you listed. I try to keep our family healthy by good food, lots of exercise and plenty of love. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  3. We try to stay healthy and fit by eating healthy, and we spend a lot of time outdoors when the weather is nice. We especially love taking walks together!

  4. It's all about the diet. Cook food for yourself.

  5. Saying that I am always making the healthiest choices for myself and my kids would be a lie. We try, not as hard as we should, but we try. Between the mac and cheese and hotdogs, I have my kids try something new a couple times a week. We hike and walk as much as the AZ heat will allow but when it gets too hot, we hit up the many museums in town. We love to read and go the library every week and we tell probably too many jokes. We aren't perfect by any means but we are trying and that's a great place to start.

  6. I try to cook healthier meals, and make sure we all get in some physical activity every day.

  7. Fruit, fruit and more fruit...and blueberry season's right around the corner!