Thursday, March 26, 2015

Do You Have A Tiny Destroyer Too? Tell Us and Win!

If you have followed the migration of your children within your home you undoubtedly know that they are like reverse locusts. They move from room to room taking everything out to play with only to grow bored and move onto the next room.

This makes it particularly difficult for parents to get anything done as once you begin the cleanup in one room, the next is already trashed. It is also the reason why most people who have playrooms or basements find themselves wading in toys up to their kneecaps trying to get to the laundry room. No one knows why every toy must come out to play.

If you've had to skirt a floor littered with Barbies like a cat burglar avoiding lasers or tried to dodge Hot Wheels like they were landmines, you get it. If you've ever felt like Washington crossing the Delaware only across a body of LEGOs, you know exactly what I am talking about. We call these mavens of the messes, these denizens of discourse, Tiny Destroyers.

I'm was a Tiny Destroyer though now you can't call me a tiny anything anymore. I almost didn't survive my childhood. You see, I'm an artist and like all great artists when inspiration strikes you need to get your ideas down no matter where you are.

When I was little, drawing was it for me. I drew on every available surface. Look under my mother's coffee table and I drew Sistine Chapel style on my back.I drew on every flat surface I could get my grubby little hands on.

Walls behind the basement freezer became my Lascaux caves as I knew only I could sneak back there and mom couldn't. I always wanted to leave my mark. Then, I took it too far. I took it upon myself to draw an entire mural up and down our upstairs hallway in crayon before they became the washable lightweights crayons of today. My mom's best friend saved me from my imminent doom (Thanks Mrs. Cote!)

Keith Munslow, a multiple award-winning songwriter, storyteller, cartoonist and improv comedy performer, has always found inspiration from the thousands of kids he’s performed for over the past 17 years. His songs get heavy rotation on SiriusXM radio, and he's raked in critical acclaim for his kid-focused music and stories.

Now that Keith is dad to son Luc (age 2), his perspective on childhood and family life has sharpened and expanded. One result is 12 new songs and stories collected in his forthcoming album Tiny Destroyer available on April 7th from CDBaby,, iTunes and You can listen to the title track Tiny Destroyer on his Tumblr

Let's face it, everyone has a story to tell about being a Tiny Destroyer. That's the reason and inspiration behind Keith Munslow's latest album. So Keith wanted to do something fun in honor of these wee-pons of mass destruction.


Keith Munslow Tiny Destroyer Prize Pack

  • All 5 of Keith Munslow's CDs including The Tiny Destroyer
  • An original Keith Munslow Drawing illustrating your winning story - Digitally and by mail
  • 1 "Bellywog" T-Shirt (winner gets to choose from sizes available)
  • Your story featured on Keith's social media networks 
The Bellywog TShirt
OMG. That's an incredible grad prize! How do I win that? 
  1. Leave a blog post comment HERE or on my FB page telling your best story about Your Tiny Destroyer and what they did that made it funny/infuriating.
  2. Also, share your story with Keith himself on his Facebook page and use #TinyDestroyer in the post
The best story will be chosen by me on April 7th based on how funny/horrible your story was. That is your entry. Even if you don't win, everyone else who enters gets a free song download worth $1 and your story will be shared on Keith Munslow's Tumblr Your Tiny Destroyer

One winner for the grand prize will be chosen at random. All entrants must provide an email address to be eligible to win. The FREE download will be sent to your email address if you participate.  Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents 18 years and older only.  The winner will be notified by email or contacted on Facebook by DM to supply this information. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours of the notification email, another winner will be chosen. 


  1. I think I have to go with the time my toddler (at the time) peed as I was changing his diaper. As I was cleaning up the mess he wandered out *JUST* out of arms reach and started peeing again. As I was cleaning THAT up he pooped. In the hall. And started running down the hall. And peed. And before I could get a diaper on him he pooped some more.

  2. Having just moved a few years ago, we decided to try out all of the local restaurants, and in a town with only one traffic light, that's not such a monumental task. One Friday we headed out to one of the last places we hadn't been, a rather upscale (for Richmond, VT) Italian restaurant. By upscale I mean that there were tablecloths and curtains and waitstaff in button down shirts. It was very exciting.

    Unfortunately, Richmond-Upscale is not the sort of place one wants to take a baby who is actually a Destructobot in disguise. Our first offense was before the meal even started. Edward decided to grab onto a spoon and bang it on the table like he was Justin Bieber. After a few minutes of this, the waitress came over with some toy cars and asked if he could play with those instead, as Edward was bothering everyone with his drumming. We took the spoon away and gave him the cars, which he proceeded to bang on the table like he was Ringo Starr.

    After the food arrived, Edward decided that a good idea would be to grab the tablecloth and pull everything off of the table. My wife Simone moved his highchair back away from the table, which unfortunately put him in grabbing range of the curtains, which he decided should be pulled down from the windows and destroyed. So Simone moved him away from the window, putting him in yanking range of the tablecloth once again. She spent the rest of the meal trying to find that magic spot between the table and the window where he couldn't reach anything (which did not exist) while attempting to distract him with food.

    The food mostly went on the floor, the cars and spoons eventually went on the floor, and it was a miracle that the curtains did not wind up on the floor too. When we got our bill we paid it and left quickly, but not before Ruby decided to get in on the fun by making up a nonsense song and singing it at the top of her lungs over and over. The only problem was that the words she made up were "Tatty Fukk," which she shouted in a sing-song voice to the rest of the restaurant as we left.

    On another note, the food was really excellent, reasonably priced, and you should all go there, even though we never can again!