Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Amazon Mom, Time to Catch Up To The Rest of the World

When it comes to parental leave the United States is dismally behind. Maternity leave in the U.S. is tied with Lesotho and Swaziland for a maximum 84 days making us one of the ten worst countries in the world. The world's leader, Croatia, has 406 maximum days and that includes paid leave. When it comes to paternity leave, the United States doesn't even make the worst chart. We are severely behind the rest of the world when it comes to recognizing this need for dads.

It should come to no one's surprise then that Amazon.com here in the U.S. also discounts all families. The company has a program worldwide for parents and caregivers to save money on purchases for their families from the prenatal through the toddler years. The program here in the United States is called Amazon Mom yet everywhere else, they call it Amazon Family.

It just seems dumb doesn't it? They mention the words parents, caregivers, and families right in their own description and then make a conscience decision anyway to call it Amazon Mom. This is not a war about moms and dads. We love moms, we support moms, but just wish that dads would be included here in United States as part of that distinction that dads are parents too.

It seems like a simple solution. They call it Amazon Family in the UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Japan, and France. Despite my friend Jeffrey Harrington, a fellow stay at home dad,  starting a petition to change the name from Amazon Mom to Amazon Family to help exact this change, it never really took off like you think it would.

Marginalizing anyone is usually not good for business especially when you alienate half of your target audience. Honestly, as a main consumer in my family, I use Amazon constantly for purchases but I will never like their Amazon Mom page for this reason.

In fact, my friend Oren, wrote about it on A Blogger and a Father, trying to persuade people to sign the petition. Imagine getting an email as a dad from Amazon.com only to ask you to sign up for Amazon Mom. I bet it would make you question whether they really valued you as a consumer or if they really took you seriously as a parent or caregiver.

The fact that is hasn't changed is embarrassing. I'm not a mom, I'm a dad. We are all parents. This is not longer the 1950's and the people raising our children aren't just moms. Doesn't it make sense to just make it family? Please Amazon, make the change to Amazon Family and prevent the United States from lagging behind in yet another way.

Sign the petition HERE and share on your social media.

Follow #AmazonFamilyUS to support this movement and help us to make a change. 


  1. seems trivial.. I suppose if that upsets you then there are so may other things that are catastrophic in your life

    1. You don't have to care but I am part of this movement to honor a friend's death. Oren wanted this change to happen, so dads are doing just that.

  2. When I done some blog entries from Titanic Museum, their page was called Mommy Bloggers w/links to articles on them. After I done a few, they changed it to Just Bloggers Links.
    Today seems like dads are either stay at home or have full or sole custody. I have sole custody of my daughter. (CourageousChristianFather.com)