Monday, February 16, 2015

When The Flu Attacks, Be Ready to Fight Back

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I heard the garage door open shortly after lunch on Thursday afternoon, a sound I didn't expect to hear as my wife usually won't get home until 6 pm most nights. She had come home from work early and had to bail from a meeting because of stomach pains and immediately excused herself upstairs to our bedroom. A few hours later, she was texting me from upstairs. "Help me, please"

My four year old daughter had the stomach bug on Monday and had missed two days of school because of it. I had hoped that she was the only one of our three kids who had picked it up and prayed it was an isolated incident. It wasn't. After caring for my daughter on Monday and Tuesday and now my wife on Thursday, I was ready for the inevitable. I was going to get it too.

The last time my wife and I were both sick at the same time, our three kids were six, three, and 3 months old. You can imagine how difficult that was dealing with the flu and making sure they were cared for, especially the baby. Luckily, we had a very understanding neighbor who graciously took care of all three and especially the younger two at her house for an entire day.

With the kids being a little older, and our oldest now nine, he was able to help mom and dad out with our daughters who are seven and four now. Inevitably, I succumbed to the flu late Thursday night but knew I had to rally in the morning to get them off to school so we could recover.

Maybe it is because I am getting older or the fact that this strain was just more powerful but I found that my recovery was so long that I felt horrible for days afterwards. No matter how much fluid I took in, it never seemed to satiate my thirst.

The worst part of the flu is the recovery. For children, it can be shortened as they are more resilient but if the flu sticks around longer, the effects can be magnified. I've been to enough emergency room visits with my children because they couldn't keep fluids down to know that this is a major issue and one visit that scared me to death because my son who became so sick he wasn't his usually buoyant self.

The most major concern after you have had it is dehydration. When it feels like you can't drink enough water to replenish what you have lost while being sick, I find it is time to use something more powerful. Sports drinks are good but why not use something that was created purposely for combating dehydration?

DripDrop Hydration Powder is the product you are looking for and you can get it at your local CVS like I did in the Baby Care aisle. It is a medical grade hydration powder created by a Mayo Clinic trained physician to save lives in the most challenging circumstances. It was specifically made for adults and children who need to quickly replace fluid and electrolytes. In fact, compared to sports drinks, it delivers 2-3 times the electrolytes and 25% more than pediatric alternatives.

Great tasting flavors like Berry and Lemon made with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives makes it a great choice for you and your children. Each box comes with 8 powder packs which are easy to keep in your purse, backpack, or car for those emergency situations when water just isn't enough.

After drinking one 8 oz packet serving, I started to feel much better and was on my way back to full strength.  Gaining back the electrolytes and fluids I lost while being sick helped to shorten my recovery. Imagine what it would do in your everyday life after a workout or being inside an office all day where it is super dry.

Just 8 oz will help you on your way to recovery

DripDrop is available as CVS in the Baby Aisle and if you take advantage now, you can print out the $1.00 off coupon with any purchase of any ONE (1) box of DripDrop Hydration Powder available 1/25/15 - 2/21/15 (while supplies last)

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