Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gameband Makes Portable Minecraft A Reality

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My son doesn't have a portable video game system. While he has played games through apps, even those get tiresome after some time. So, I decided it was time for him and I to try the world of Minecraft together. So, as an early Christmas present  I bought him a Minecraft Gameband™ at my local GameStop in the mobile gaming section. What is a Gameband? It is basically Portable Minecraft that goes wherever you go.

He had been talking to me earlier in the school year saying that he didn't know what the kids were talking about at lunch when they talked Minecraft. So, I figured that we, as father and son, could figure it out together.

The 8-Bit world of Minecraft is a tricky one. Not knowing that I had set up the game in Survival mode, it quickly became dark and I was attacked by a pack of wolves and killed.

"Let me help you dad" he said as he took over. No sooner did he take over the mouse did he create a house out of things he gathered by cutting everything with a sword and gathering it. I realized quickly that I was out of my league and started just watching and learning instead.

Gameband Minecraft™ is the first-ever Minecraft wearable. It is a band that displays graphics from the game that you can customize using the preloaded with PixelFurnace, an app that lets you customize Gameband with messages, images and animations that you create and share on the PixelFurnace site. Not only that, but it has a watch function with a date feature making it a multi-functional gift.

The Gameband automatically saves all your progress in the game, your Worlds, and any data that you collect and backs them up onto their secure, cloud-based servers. Even if you lose it, you can contact Now Computing and order a replacement with all your data intact! Gameband belongs to Now Computing and is affiliated with Minecraft. Any feedback about Gameband, should be directed to Now Computing.

How does it work? Pull the Gameband apart and the connection points house a USB!  Gameband comes in two sizes 6.7 and 7.2 inches so make sure you know your child's wrist size before you purchase one.

We customized the graphics that display and set up the date and time. Soon, my son was wearing it like a watch all the time. If he heads to a friend's house after school, he can use the Minecraft Gameband to play right on his buddy's laptop.

Why is this so great? You can take Gameband anywhere there is a computer, play on it, and it saves everything right on the wearable! Are you going to Grandma's house for the holidays? Does it get boring? Take off your Minecraft Gameband and play it on Grandma's computer without lugging around your system with you.

Did you finish your homework early at the library and need to kill some time? Pop off the Gameband for some Portable Minecraft and use it on the library computer. It is that easy! The fact that we can take this game anywhere with us and have it available as an option to play was just amazing.

If you would like to see the Gameband unboxed, check out the video below


  1. I love that your son took over for you and immediately fixed everything. Survival mode can be brutal, but kids' ingenuity when it comes to gaming is so impressive! I bet you have one happy kid right now! #client

  2. Both my boys are crazy for Minecraft. I've written about it before: http://larrydbernstein.com/minecraft-has-saved-my-children/
    They would go crazy with this Gameband. Literally!

  3. Wow, my daughter hasn't discovered Minecraft, but then again, she's not much of a gamer. This game seems a little out my league, but that's not going to sway me from giving it a try.

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