Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Holiday Toys for Girls And Boys

Are you ready for those eight crazy nights? Maybe you are ready for Santa to come down the chimney and leave some surprise things for the little ones. Whatever you celebrate, if you have kids, you are going to need some gifts for them.  There is nothing I hate more than toys that are pigeonholed into a category. This is for boys and this is for girls doesn't appeal to me. While I get that there can be preferences between genders for certain items, and some kids completely stick to them, I would like to give you a list of my favorite holiday toys that all kids will love.

Star Wars Command from Hasbro

You can #CommandTheForce with these cool action playsets. Think of those little green army men, only with Star Wars characters. You can set up your own battles and use Rebel forces to attack the Empire. Our favorite set was the Millenium Falcon Set (Ages 4 & Up/Approx. retail value $29.99)
With a motorized Millenium Falcon that slowly advances that then kicks off into hyperdrive!  Smaller sets like STAR WARS COMMAND Battle Packs are only $4.99 and come with exclusive collectible characters that are unique to that pack. 

Olaf Snow Cone Maker from Jakks Pacific 

Ready for a Frozen treat? Time to reward the Frozen fan in your household with this item. Just like the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine we had as kids, this snow cone maker turns ice cubes into a delicious frozen treat.  It comes with two flavor packs in Strawberry and Blue Raspberry which are sugar free, a flavor bottle, and cup to catch the snow you make together. My kids had a blast with one of their favorite characters from the movie and they said it was delicious! Be prepared to help the kids out with this one as the crank was not easy for the kids to turn and you could only put one ice cube in at a time or it would get jammed. (Ages 4+, Approx. retail value $24.99)

Dino Construction Company from Educational Insights

If your kids like digging in the sand as much as mine do, and they like dinosaurs, this is the perfect toy for them. The combination of dino bodies and construction vehicles makes for a duality to their play. (Ages 3+ Approx. retail value $39.99) 

 MARVEL Super Hero Mashers by Hasbro

Combine the love of superheroes and the ability to mix and match their abilities and body parts to create your own unique superhero, you can see why this was a popular hit with my kids. Have fun giving your character huge Hulk hands and Spiderman's head so he can have that Spidey sense with a Wolverine body (Ages 4 + , Approx. retail value $10.99) 

Transformers : Age of Extinction Flip & Change Grimlock by Hasbro

Transformers as a kid were awesome but recently they have become so hard to change for younger kids. With the Flip & Change Transformers, this isn't an issue as they transform with one easy step. This toy was so cool, I took it from my kids and won't let them play with it.  My three year old daughter could transform him easily without hesitation and there was no frustration going from dinosaur to robot mode. (Ages 5 & up , Approx. retail value $19.99) 

DISNEY's Olaf's In Trouble Game

Pop the bubble like the original Trouble game but only in a Frozen version featuring Olaf.  You can play as your favorite character, Sven, Anna, Elsa, or Kristoff and travel around Arendelle to save him.  Cool new features to the game like the avalanche will have you playing this with your family for hours. Once my kids learned how to play, they were able to manage by themselves which is the perfect gift for them and you! (Ages 5 & up, Approx. Retail value $14.99) 

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Milano Starship by Hasbro

If you were a fan of the M.A.S.K series as a kid, you will love the new 2.5 inch scale GOTG line of toys. The Milano has electronic lights and battle sounds, it fires missiles, and comes with a STAR LORD action figure. (Ages 4 & up Approx. retail value $24.99) The starship is also compatible with all the 2.5 inch scale figures in the BATTLE Gear 2 Pack line (sold separately) and can fit three figures inside the cockpit. Time to put some sweet tunes on and explore the galaxy. 

Doodle Bear "Doodle Monster" by Just Play

Have an artist in the family that loves stuffed animals? Combine the two with the Doodle Monster or Doodle Bear. Your little artists can draw all over these plush buddies and when they are through, throw them in the wash and start all over. You can also take them into the dark, using the special pen and the writing glows! (Ages 3 & up, Approx. retail value $24.99) 


  1. You have some cool ideas there. Thanks for sharing. My daughters would love the Olaf toy and Trouble game set.

  2. Here are some good toy for the kids. I will buy some toy like this from market for my daughter. Hope this toys are educational toy for toddler.

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