Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Take A Trip To Beauty Land

Want to find music that transcends a genre? If you're a little bit country, a tad bit rockabilly, love folk music mixed with a Top 40 flavor then Dani and her new album Beauty Land is a fit for you.  Every song is a story that you can almost see right before you and with lyrics that are based in fantasy and magic, your children will love what she has to say and will be singing along in no time.

The story of Beauty Land is written and narrated by Dani. It centers around two lead characters named Jimmy and Lulu. They are brother and sister and live in an enchanted forest. They get captured one day by the evil Witch and dream about escaping to Beauty Land. Will they make it out? And if so will they be able to conquer all the obstacles that lie ahead? This album will tell you the story of their journey from start to finish.

Our favorite track that got us moving was Skipping Through The Woods, a fast paced romp through the forest that reminded me of a Mumford & Sons. This song and many like it in the album are interactive and harken to the high energy and enthusiasm that had me comparing her to Genevieve Goings of Choo Choo Soul. In tracks like Jimmy & The Giant the kids will be listening intently while rocking out in participation songs and learning a new line dance in Beauty Land.

Dani switches gears many times in the album, mixing a great number of songs that will get you moving but following them up with sweet, melodic songs like Run and Fly and Ocean, Dani shows off her Sarah McLachlan-esque voice that will wow you. She could easily be cast as a Disney princess as you can hear that quality in her voice.

If you're kids like fantasy and playing pretend and if you love songs that tell a story then you should buy Dani's Beauty Land now available on Amazon and iTunes for your kids today. Check out Dani's video below and her website 

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