Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mo' Money, Less Problems - Movember Year 2

It comes in scraggly and multicolored. If I were a Christmas tree, I would be the sparsest of the bunch, a veritable Charlie Brown Christmas tree of mustaches. I can go for days without anything showing up of interest. You might even look at me and say "There's some dirt on your upper lip"

My wife is not a fan of facial hair. Women live in one camp or the other but never both. For the guys that have always had beards and mustaches they can't imagine themselves without one and for those of us who stay clean shaven, we wonder how they get past all the itching. Must be the beard oil. Yes. You heard me right. Guys are putting oil in their beards and mustaches to keep them tamer.

In last year's campaign, a combination of dad forces came together with the ultimate goal of raising money and awareness far and wide. This year with The National At Home Dad Network, City Dads Group, Dad 2.0 Summit, and Dad Bloggers everywhere, we aim even higher.  Head here if you would like to join our team or DONATE TO MY PAGE

Last year I made it my personal goal to raise as much money as was possible for Movember. I rapped with other dad bloggers (see video below) and raised $900 in my efforts to dedicate my donations to my father. My dad is a prostate cancer survivor so there is a chance that I could also one day have it. Remembering what he went through has motivated me to educate and support the Movember Movement.

My dad pins me before the Us Too Walk, Run, Roll in Chicago

Movember is also about testicular cancer and men's mental health. More than four times as many men as women commit suicide in the United States. That is a staggering reality check. Sometimes we think as men that we have to shoulder all the responsibility and we rarely turn for help when we need it most. If you do suffer from anxiety, depression. or suicidal thoughts please seek help. I hope that my Movember efforts individually and as a large group of dads, we can raise lots of money to help as many people as we can.

Please donate to my page or consider joining the dad/blogger team to join in. Follow my progress on my DadNCharge Facebook page , Instagram and Twitter by following #30DaysofMovember where I will create a song akin to the 12 Days of Christmas chronicling my wife's reaction to the mustache as it grows.

Behind every Mo is a reason to participate. My dad is a prostate cancer survivor. Through screening and early detection, they found it in its early stages and took it out. I am dedicating my MO to my dad this year. So men, put down your razors and join me this month and grow your own Dirt Squirrel. You can donate to me on MY MO SPACE HERE. It's November and I am ready to MO!

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  1. My wife doesn't believe in facial hair either. Lucky for her though I couldn't even grow a beard if I wanted to, at the rate I'm going I'll be lucky to have a full beard by the time I'm 40. It's awesome what you're doing with Movember I can see you're connected in various places getting the word out.