Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Get Noticed, Be Memorable With Minted

There is nothing like a first impression. It can be the way you make eye contact, a response with quick wit, or something you said that made them laugh. No matter how that first contact goes, what you say is  often dependent on how you say it.

I've found that to be true in the world of blogging. People get to know you through your words and your online presence. Often, when attending a blogging conference you wonder just how that person will come across in real life. Is their personality as big as they are online? Are they more shy or introverted? How do I come off to people in person? I want people too take notice of my writing but I also want to make just as good an impression when meeting face to face. I want to be memorable.

It has been a few years since I last printed out business cards for my blog. So when it came to re-designing my blog's business cards I knew I wanted a product that was eye catching but professional with options for me to customize to fit my needs. That's when I found Minted.com I immediately loved their designs and was drawn to create my own stationary for the people in my life as well as new business cards that were a reflection of myself.

The site is very easy to use with customizable designs that are reviewed by a graphic designer before final printing.  Their stationary for men section in particular was impressive with so many different designs with a wide range of styles. Uploading images from my computer was easy and once I created an account, those same images were autoplugged into featured cards on their site to give me a preview of what to expect.

Minted not only does business cards and stationary but also specializes in holiday cards, invitations, baby announcements and cards for every holiday and celebration. In addition to their paperie, they sell gifts and party decor as well which makes Minted your one stop shop for all of your celebrations' needs.

Some holiday cards even are foil pressed which can enhance the beauty of the cards and adds a little holiday sparkle. Almost all of their designs give you options to play with to truly customize your experience.

The DadNCharge family holiday card?

So why settle for cards that everyone is using from other photo stationary sites? Go to Minted and make something unique that no one else will have. Make your mark and make it memorable. Make it a card that people won't forget and even more likely to be resting on their mantel this holiday season.

**FTC Disclaimer : I received compensation through Minted.com in exchange for the review of this website. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I never would have thought to have business cards for a blog, perhaps a couple years down the road if it really takes off. They look really good though and my wife would like those Xmas cards I'm sure.