Monday, November 24, 2014

Aerial Filming With The Ghost Drone

Imagine soaring over a countryside of rolling hills and being able to snap photos from your bird's eye view. Have you ever been to an event where you wish you could just capture the sheer magnitude of your surroundings only to be limited by your camera? I've always been tall and able to take pictures over most people but have you ever wondered what it would be like to take aerial photographs of your favorite vacation spots, a concert, or your kid's graduation?

Now you can, with the Ghost Drone. Drones are traditionally hard to pilot, easy to crash, and expensive. The Ghost Drone was created to address these challenges so you can discover a new way to capture magic around the earth.

The Ghost Drone is a drone controlled by an app on your smartphone. Attach a GoPro and you become an instant filmmaker to makes films that you can star in! The commands are easy for the beginner with one-click commands and the Auto-Follow mode will keep the camera trained on you. Take off, hover, return and land are all pre-programmed for you and the app will alert you when the battery is low. What can't Ghost do?

If you don't think Ghost is amazing yet, Ghost is compatible with GoPro, including Hero4. A smartphone-app controlled 2D gimbal stabilizes your shot. Ghost is also wind resistant, water-proof, with automatic return if the connection is lost. Night mode has LED lights to track drone in the sky. This makes capturing images in these conditions possible.

So you should be asking "Where can I get one?  Go visit the Ghost Drone IndieGoGo Page to get in on the action. But, time is running out! This campaign ends December 10th! Act fast before you miss your chance. Order one now and you can have it as soon as January 2015.

Introducing the Ghost Drone by Ehang from The Ghost Drone by Ehang USA on Vimeo.

FTC Disclaimer : I received a Ghost Drone, app, and developer kit in exchange for a post about the IndieGoGo campaign for the Ghost Drone. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Its such an amazing type od drones and it can have wonderful applications in future.