Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Pop Ups Make Me Want To Be A Kid Forever

I can see the wheels turning in her mind. I watch the way her little legs kick wildly to the beat as they dangle from the car seat. Her unprompted clapping has my own foot tapping opposite the gas pedal though my inclination is to roll the windows down, crank it up, and let my right foot do the talking so we can celebrate this song properly.

Every song that follows is full of surprises, rolled up in a funky  modern dance party of melodies and flashbacks to a 1970s style of happy where simplicity hides in the most unlikely of objects. This duo's love for art and music is a clear marriage of two things that go hand in hand and their voices will echo in your head long after the children have gone to sleep.

 My three year old daughter was instantly hooked and wouldn't let me turn the song off in the driveway until "her" song, Robot Dance was over. Then she insisted on having a dance party in the playroom when we got inside. "Put on the Ro-butt song!" she screamed.

My daughter getting down to The Robot Dance by the @thepopups. Check out Appetite For Construction today!

I found myself listening to the album Appetite for Construction on my own when the kids weren't in the car and was emboldened to crank Block House when the car next to me rolled up with it's bass rattling noise, determined that my Swagger Wagon and The Pop Ups would drown it out with rainbows of music.

What I love about music in general but especially with kindie rock, is the ability to turn what seem to be ordinary, everyday activities, things, animals into brilliant songs. The Pop Ups Appetite for Construction is a must own album if you have children who love to create. Their music is what kindie music is all about, having fun.

Maybe it is the art teacher in me that can appreciate two guys singing about creating a collage in Pictures Making Pictures or of all the possibilities that exist with three fridge magnet shapes on our fridge in All These Shapes. By the time you get to Costume Party, an inspiring song about wearing whatever we want no matter who we are, you'll be air saxophoning in the Target parking lot.

Jacob Stein and Jason Rabinowitz's music will inspire you to do projects with your kids and find the beauty in everyday life and inspire you to turn the seemingly ordinary into the extraordinary. If you aren't hooked by Go To Sleep, check your pulse because that track itself is like a musical finale on The Love Boat.

Check out The Pop Ups video below and like them on Facebook and Twitter today. Appetite for Construction is available on iTunes and Amazon now.  If you love them like I know you will, let them hear it on social media!

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