Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DIY Minion Costume

Do you have little minions running around your house too?  After watching Despicable Me with the kids years ago and loving those little yellow guys wreak havoc, it seemed only fitting that I refer to my own children as "my minions" We all know that getting everyone out to the car can be a pain so I took a lesson from Gru and now say "Minions! ASSEMBLE!" before we head out.  The kids love it with the only drawback being the occasional "Bee-do-bee-do-bee-do" siren the whole way out. 

As a bald guy, Halloween costumes can be a challenge so I try to pick characters that are already bald like Dr. Evil, Voldemort, and last year, Gru. It also meant that with the right sweater and a well placed scarf, that my costume was good to go without going overboard, as I am known to do sometimes. No self respecting Gru would be caught without his minions so I needed to invent a costume for the kids. Here is how I made it:

Materials :

Hot glue gun
Cheap play glasses with the lenses pulled out (search for round wizard glasses)
2 inch black elastic
Velcro tape
Silver spray paint
Foam craft paper
yellow hoodie or long sleeve shirt
yellow beanie
black pipe cleaners
duct tape
black gloves

The Goggles:

  1. Take the Glad Mini Cups and cut out the bottoms
  2. Hot glue them to the glasses. To make the cups fit side by side, cut a notch in one of the cups at the top lip so they sit side by side. 
  3. If they don't fit exactly to the glasses, hot glue the cups to a foam paper shaped like the front of the glasses with spaces cut out to see through the foam
  4. Hot glue the cups together and let it dry. Once dry, you should be able to shake them without movement. 
  5. Spray paint the whole thing silver outside using newspaper underneath. I used two coats
  6. Using the Velcro tape, place the felt (soft side up) to either side of the cups, securing with hot glue underneath
  7. Measure the band length using your child. Have them put on the glasses to measure. This doesn't need to be tight but as it is only covering up the glasses' frame. Mark and cut the band.
  8. Attach one side of the Velcro tape (grabby side) to the inside of the elastic band with hot glue. Once you have ensured that the band is the right size, do the same on the other side.

The Hat :

  1. Take the yellow beanie and poke two small holes through the top on opposite sides
  2. Push the black pipecleaner through both holes to create the hair
  3. Secure the pipe cleaners to the top of the beanie by placing a small piece of cardboard with duct tape. This will also protect your child from being poked 

Complete The Look:

Copy and print out this Gru Logo and tape it to the front of the overalls. Instant Minion! 

Anyone can be a minion, including my own dad, who is the ultimate Dave minion

Make it a family costume with Gru and Lucy from Despicable Me 2 

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  1. Looks like a fine costume to me. It is cool your dad decided to participate.