Monday, September 8, 2014

Everyone Knows That Hitting Is Wrong

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For my son and especially my daughters let me make this clear, a man should never hit a woman. Period. We've taught you this lesson since you were very young that hands are for helping not hitting. We teach keep your hands to yourself and to be kind to others. If hitting someone to solve a problem is your decision, you are the problem.

Seeing the Ray Rice video is sickening though we didn't need to see it to know what happened. If a man hits you, that's it. It's over. Relationship done. Once a man becomes physical with you he proves that he doesn't really love you because he has every intention on hurting you.

We saw what happened in his press conference where his teammates stood behind him. I doubt that many will after seeing this video. I would lose instant respect for anyone who did. Beating anyone and especially a woman is deplorable.

Victims of spousal abuse often stick up for their abusers. We've already seen it when the very same woman who he knocked out after a brutal punch to the face, forgave him and pleaded to not take away his husband's livelihood. Even after being knocked unconscious by the man she believes she loves, she still married him. If that doesn't seem wrong to you, you are wrong.

Ray Rice is not a man of virtue or responsibility for his actions. He's just another example of person who grew up but never became a man. An NFL player who has a sense of entitlement that he can't be touched because he is an athlete is an epidemic that is running rampant in an organization that is consistently inconsistent.  Roger Goodell owes it to everyone to remove Ray Rice from the NFL completely.

A brutal attack like this would warrant anyone else to be fired in any other job. The NFL's response that they "hadn't seen the Ray Rice video until today" is questionable. Goodell, you are still "not getting it right" by any stretch of the imagination. This is the kind of standards we have come to expect from your organization.

Even the newest of parents know that if you love and respect someone, hitting is never acceptable. Children are growing up in a world where we are trying to teach love and respect only to see athletes they admire demonstrate time and again they should never be looked up to. The NFL has been fraught with bullying, cheating, lying, and murder and it needs to be fixed.

Discipline is only effective when it is consistent, every parent knows this so why is it so hard for the NFL to "get it right"? Do the right thing and set the example for any bad behavior. Ray Rice doesn't need a two minute time out, he needs to be grounded indefinitely. You owe that to young men trying to learn what it means to be a man. You owe to our daughters to keep them protected. You owe that to his wife. You owe that to all women.

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