Monday, August 11, 2014

Score Tickets the Easy Way with

There were explosions and stunts, motorcycles and explosions, fighting and superheroes. Did I mention explosions?  It was all part of Marvel Universe Live's show this past Sunday at the Wells Fargo Center here in Philly and I got to attend thanks to

My son is nine and has always liked superheroes since he was very small. He used to run around in pajamas with a cape most of the time.  I wasn't sure if he would still be into it. Would he still buy in to the hype around this show? Was my little mini-me losing that side of him?

Fortunately for the geeky dad in me, he loved the show and we talked about our favorite stunts and characters. He loves theater and acting and was really impressed as I was with the story and choreography of the fight scenes. All of this, this experience together was made possible by ScoreBig. asked me if I would be interested in trying out their site. It was super easy to learn and the whole process was very positive. All you have to do is find the event you want to attend and under their "Enter Bid" section, put the amount you wish to pay for that event based on the seating arrangement. Under that amount, an indicator will show you just how successful a bid might be for that seating.

If you don't win with the bid that you initially entered, don't worry. You'll have to wait 24 hours before making another offer or you can change your seating choice and start all over again.

After entering my bid, I immediately got an email confirming my price, where my seats where, and all the information about the event.  Once the tickets are confirmed, you can choose a delivery method either through FedEx, through E-Ticket, or pick them up at the Will Call. They guarantee that your tickets will always be located in the seat rating you selected and that they will be delivered in time for your event! 

It was so easy to use and just like their name implies, you too can ScoreBig with their service! 

FTC Disclaimer: I was compensated tickets to this event in exchange for a review of's website. All opinions are my own. Now, go attend a concert or something and get offline for a bit!

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