Monday, August 18, 2014

Not Just Another Fan : Discovering Lolly & YoYo

My girls danced in their bright colored frocks in a circle to the music, inspired by the fun lyrics and rhythms of the guitar, they soon were gliding around like small butterflies do, flitting around from place to place, so light and airy that I felt as if all gravity had left the earth. They twirled like wind catchers on your front porch and were holding hands and laughing together with such delight that I had to just stand back and watch in amazement.

Music can inspire this feeling. I have felt it in my own experiences as a youth where music just transformed me and sent me to another time and place. Startling how words and notes put in so many different combinations, the limitless possibilities can make us feel right down to our very soul. 

This is the way Lolly & Yo Yo's music has affected my children and in turn, me as well. It all started with an event to go see them in a local mall in Plymouth-Meeting. We organized The Philly Dads Group to attend the concert as part of their Kids Klub event which happens every second Tuesday of the month.  My children had never heard their music before but sat raptly waiting on the small circles of carpet ready for their first concert. Who knew it would change them so?

Lolly Hopwood and Yo Yo (Yvonne) Kusters are a duo that combines kindie rock with activity and dance that gets children moving and exercising. On the day I first heard them with my girls we  all fell for their music and spirit let alone their kindness. 

After their performance, I walked up and introduced myself and told her about our group and my blog.  Lolly immediately asked "Do you have our CD?" to which I replied no. She headed back to her table and grabbed one and kneeled down by my girls and wrote this out to them personally : To Sarah & Heidi, Shine like the stars you are. Love Lolly & YoYo.

What an awesome gesture that was and one I am very grateful for. As my girls are growing up I don't want them to be tentative about how they are.

I want them to be themselves and show the world what they can do. I think that Lolly and YoYo see that in all of their fans.

Back in the car, we couldn't wait to put in their CD and my girls were rocking out in no time. Their CD, An Adventurous Day is a must have for any Kindie Fan. Lolly has a voice like Sarah McLachlan, the kind you sort of just get lost in; a voice that transports you to a dreamy wonderland. Pair that with YoYo's high energy and infectious smile and you can see why their harmony is a match made in heaven.

Of course, being a camp counselor, they won me over with a rendition of Baby Shark and Go Bananas. You must give Hey Alligator a listen not only because it is done echo style but you may feel like you are transported to New Orleans with the rich jazzy horns of this song. Tracks like Glow in the Dark will mesmerize you with the sweet simplicity and dazzling imagery. You may want to close your eyes as you can almost see it right in front of you, just don't do it in the car! My favorite track is I Don't Want To Go Sleep because it really sums up what a day with kids is all about. Lolly and YoYo's vocals of this song reminded me of The Sundays. 

I can't stress enough to give Lolly and YoYo a try for your children but also for yourself. You'll fall for them too like we did. Follow them on Facebook and check out their website for more info.

If you are interested in kid's music, visit DadNCharge on FB, for CD giveaways and free downloads.

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