Monday, August 11, 2014

Banish The Playdate Media

Here is a collection of all of my media appearances surrounding the Banish the Playdate post:

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The links to those who covered it or wrote about it:

The Huffington Post - Banish the Playdate
The Daily Mail  Ban the play date!' Meet the stay-at-home dad who says formally arranged meetings between children 'alters their spontaneity'
The Mama Mary Show   Video is at the end of the post and comes on at 2:33
The View   Hot Topic
Mommyish - This Stay At Home Dad Wants to Ban Playdates and It's Just Not Possible
Action News 6 - Philadelphia - Philly Dad Calls for Ban on Playdates
Kidspot - The dad who wants to see an end to playdates
iVillage - Why I'll never let my kid have another playdate
Fox 32 Chicago - Stay at home dad blogger wants playdate banished
Parent Toolkit - Why One Dad Wants to Ban Play Dates 
Seaside Staffing Company - What One Dad Has to Say About Playdates is HILARIOUS! - This is why we shouldn't banish playdates
Deseret News - Erin Stewart: Boycott the playdate? Why not just do it right?
Out With The Kids - Preserve the Playdate!
MSN Living - Banish the playdate - No Need to Ban the Playdate
News 9 - Oklahoma - Hot Topic - Ban Playdates? -Want More Creative, Healthier Kids? Ditch This Social Activity

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