Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Power of People : Lifting Up The Millers

My daughter is entering that stage of independence often known as the "I Can Do It Myself" stage. She thinks that she can do things alone and she tries, though she often fails miserably and then the tears come; frustration and anger follow with her lashing out when she finds that she can't do it on her own and needs my assistance.

Of course, I am happy to jump in when she needs it, helping to get her past those rough parts just feels right as a dad. We have been preparing for moments like this with our children ever since they were born. Sometimes, you just can't do it alone.

All too often we think that we can't possibly ask for more than just words but truly all it takes is to ask. It sounds easy though it is hard. We want to do it on our own and not be a burden to others. We want to prove that we can do it alone and that stigma may hold us back from being helped.

Help may manifest itself in many ways whether it be a gesture, a donation, your time, or your heart. I would do the same for a friend or family member but also a stranger who was in trouble. I think of all the times people have helped each other in our world when things have gone terrible wrong.  It's a lesson my kids have learned from us that no matter what you have, you should be able to give some of it to others and lift them up. People united can be powerful.

So when my friend and fellow SAHD, Oren Miller was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer I was devastated. I read his beautiful post about his diagnosis and what he was feeling. I couldn't help but think What if it was me? What would I be able to do for my kids and my wife?  I couldn't sit by and watch it happen. I didn't want to be a bystander, so I looked for any opportunity to help him in any way that I could.

Myself and other Dad Bloggers reached out our hands to help and united in the cause #Dads4Oren. Oren's page on was started by Brent Almond, another blogger, and by the time I made it to the page, the $5,000 goal had jumped up to 10K, then 20K, and now is sitting at a little over $26,000! That's the power of people.

Oren and his wife Beth, plan to use the money for medical expenses, to put some aside for their two children, Liam and Madeline, and to go on a vacation together for some much needed family time.

So, if you can find it in your heart to donate to Oren, this is your chance to show this world just how powerful we can be, together.

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