Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mommy's Little Flowers : A Mother's Day Craft

Mother's Day is a special time to show your wife just what you are made of on her special day. The obligatory breakfast in bed is fast approaching, and while this is a good first move, you will want to demonstrate that this wasn't a last minute move to wow her with heart shaped pancakes.

Show her how much you love her with flowers that will last forever. If you have multiple kids, then this is one bouquet that will never wither and fade away.

All you need are a few simple supplies to make something special for the mom in your life.


(1) Large white paper plate - Flower

(1) yellow party plate(s)

photo of your child for center

Glue gun

Packing tape or other stronger tape

Green foam or construction paper - leaves
Enough for the size of both hands

Long thick cardboard or flat wooden stick
(You can substitute paper towel rolls or any sturdy cardboard as a replacement) - Stem

(tempera dries fast and is easy to clean)
Your choice of color for the flower and green for the stem

Optional adjustments:
If your kids are too young or crazy for the paint mess, you can use markers or if you have older kids and have spray paint, you can make some cool effects on the plate which dries quickly.


1) Take white plate and cut around the edges to form the petals. You are basically cutting up and then down in a wave pattern all the way around the ridge.

2) Cut the plate edges off of the yellow plate.

3) Place yellow plate, yellow side down on the back side of the white plate (also face down) Using a pencil, trace around a soup can for the picture opening. Cut the yellow plate circle out, then trace the circle onto the back side of the white plate.  Cut out all circles.

4) Let your kids paint the white plate with ridges facing up.

5) While this dries, have them color the cardboard stem green. Marker is faster but you may let them paint this as well. 

6) While that dries, take the green foam, and trace both of their hands. Cut out for the younger ones and let the older ones do it themselves.

7) Print out a picture of your child(ren). I used card stock instead of regular printer paper, or if you still have them, a real photograph is best . The opening of the soup can will be your guide. You will want it slightly bigger than the opening.  Cut out the picture and tape it to the back of the plate with packing tape or painter's tape. These work better than Scotch tape but you can use whatever you have.

8) Glue the yellow plate on top of the white painted plate. I use a glue gun for staying power.

9) Glue the hands (as leaves) to the stem with the glue gun. If the stem become too wobbly, you can tape popsicle sticks to the back to support it better.

10) I like to write on the back of the hands, the name of the kid(s) and the age along with the date if it is a keepsake that lasts, it will be worth it to remember.

Mommy's Little Flower by Heidi (Age 3)

Happy Mother's Day!

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