Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dads Who Rock

With his baby sunglasses on strapped into his car seat and looking out of the window, my son at two used to sing whatever struck his fancy. We usually stuck with the ABC song as it was familiar and easy. Once, while headed home out of nowhere he started belting out "Elephants, I like elephants....I like when they swing through trees..." My wife and I looked at each other and started laughing.

"Elephants don't swing through trees buddy" I said, to which he replied "So, what am I thinking of?"

I raised my eyebrow and said "Those are monkeys" and he replied "Right, right, right...mon-keeeeys. I like mon-keeeeys...I like when they swim in the ocean"

"Monkeys don't swim in the ocean" I said and he said "No? What am I thinking of?"

We had no idea what he was talking about but thought that we had a genius on our hands. How did he come up with such an elaborate way to talk about animals? Enter the genius of Eric Herman and what we would learn was called The Elephant Song. Soon, we were listening to such great songs as Dance Like an Animal and Crazy Over Vegetables.

Eric Herman's new album, Party Animal, is no exception. With Eric's music you are always guaranteed to get hooked by his catchy beats and silly songs. My kids were cracking up to Can We Buy A New Car (So I Can Have A Balloon?) and The Strange and Mysterious Fate of Mister Teddy Bear. He uses a variety of music styles in his songs and each one is as unique as the next with our favorite tracks being November First and Alive, two songs that got my kids up and dancing with our first listen. Guest artists who appear are DidiPop, members of Recess Monkey and Chris Ballew (The Presidents of the USA/Caspar Babypants).

If one dad who rocks wasn't enough, Brady Rymer who is a Grammy Nominated kid musician and The Little Band that Could will release his new album Just Say Hi.  Brady has an awesome voice and the range of his sound is incredible from the variety of instruments he uses in in rollicking rock n' roll style that is sure to get your kids moving. Guest vocalists include Elizabeth Mitchell, Laurie Berkner and members of Recess Monkey. Our favorite tracks are Get This Party Started and Ice Cream Girl. Look for Brady performing at Lollapalooza on the kid's stage this summer.

We rock his tunes out in our minivan and can't help tapping our feet or singing out loud to the car next to us. Take that deep bass vibrating car!

Eric's new album, Party Animal will be released on June 3rd. If you would like to hear samples of his music or buy his great music, please visit his website 

Brady's new album, Just Say Hi will be available June 17th.  Pre-order now on his website or visit iTunes to listen to his songs.


  1. I liked them all- Alive was a good one, my daughter really liked it a lot .

    1. Emy, You won the giveaway and I am awaiting a return email from you to confirm. You have until midnight tonight before I pick a new winner.