Friday, April 18, 2014

Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments

Have you ever been sidelined by a sickness that just never seemed to go away? Have you found yourself trapped inside because of inclement weather with the kids and they are bugging you every second? Have your kids ever said "I'm bored there is NOTHING to do!"? Well, I am here to save you with an amazing book called Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments by Mike Adamick.

A recent bout of pink eye in my youngest daughter over Spring Break had us sidelined from public activities. While my older kids were washing their hands every three minutes and I was attending to the little one, we were on house arrest with not much to do.  All I had to say was "Hey kids, want to do some science experiments?" and they were all over it.

The great thing about the book is that the materials are mostly household things that you may already have. Just scrolling through the pages, I had about six activities that I could do in an afternoon without the need to go out and buy anything.

Each project comes with an explanation, a list of materials, and the background behind the project. It explains in details the concepts behind the experiments so that you can teach your children just why something happened and impart real facts that they can use at school. Just imagine your child dropping some knowledge about propulsion on her 1st grade teacher and how well your next parent-teacher conference is going to be because of it.

Each kid picked an experiment to try and we focused on Shiny Pennies, Balloon Rocket, and their favorite, Rock Candy!


My daughter was all about shiny pennies because she had LOTS of them in her piggy bank and it was a safe and easy thing for her to do.


My son was all about the rocket propulsion that was about to happen in our living room and the fact that it only took me four basic materials to set up made it easy for me too.


Not only is science cool, but it can also be delicious. Any experiment that ends in creating candy is a winner in my book and the science of cooking is one I try to pass on to my kids normally, so this experiment was doubly exciting. I even had adults reacting to my posts on Instagram during the process, so you know it must be fun!

You can learn more about Mike Adamick and Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments on his blog and you can purchase the book from Amazon now. Buy it today!


  1. I got this book for my husband to play with our daughter but I ended up using it while he was gone working all summer. It was awesome! She loves exploring science and even if an experiment doesn't come out the way we thought it would she loved finding out that result too! I know we'll use this book more in the future with our next child as well. Great job!

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  2. ht it would she loved finding out that result too! I know we'll use this book more in the future with our next child as well. Great job