Sunday, April 27, 2014

Will The Real #LatteRomeo Just Stand Up?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, in conjunction with Starbucks and Life of Dad, LLC. I was provided with sample packets of Starbucks VIA® Latte, and received compensation for participating in this promotion.

There are so many things I would do for my wife to prove my love for her. Leading up to Mother's Day is no exception, and much like a delicious Caffe Mocha Latte you can prove just how smooth you can be by entering a contest called #LatteRomeo brought to you be Starbucks and Life of Dad. Oh, and did I mention that you could win a $500 Starbucks gift card?

If you are a parent, you know that the Mother's Day Mayhem is coming. What is that you say? You know, it's the time after your breakfast in bed when the kitchen is left with every dish you own used in their preparation of your cereal!

The one major rule of the contest is that you must let your kids decide what to serve mom and when, which can open up Pandora's Box. So why not simplify the menu with a Caffe Mocha or Vanilla Latte from Starbucks?

Starbucks VIA Latte's are the perfect way to get those moms you love up and starting their day right with a delicious pick-me-up. They are so easy to make that your kids can even get in on the action without trashing the entire kitchen.

I entered the contest and think that I am the real #LatteRomeo. Can you top my entry?

Check it out here on Instagram

Go ahead, try and beat me. To enter the contest you must:

  • Create an Instagram video of the morning surprise that features the Starbucks Latte. The video length for Instagram is only 15 seconds, so pack in as much awesome as you can. (All videos must contain a visual of the Starbucks VIA® Latte logo and/or mention "Starbucks VIA® Latte" in video.)
  • Share your video on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Email a link to your video to
  • Include all of the below in your social postings:
  1. #StarbucksVIA
  2. #LatteRomeo
  3. @Starbucks
  4. #CaffeMocha or #VanillaLatte (optional)

Submit by May 12th, 2014 at 5PM EST.

STARBUCKS will choose the winners on the basis of:

  • creativity of presentation (30%)
  • adherence to cheerful, uplifting theme (40%)
  • Starbucks story/coffee involvement (30%)

***Don't forget to attend the TWITTER PARTY MAY 9th at 1pm (EST)***

Follow #LatteRomeo to learn more about STARBUCKS VIA® LATTE and win some great prizes.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments

Have you ever been sidelined by a sickness that just never seemed to go away? Have you found yourself trapped inside because of inclement weather with the kids and they are bugging you every second? Have your kids ever said "I'm bored there is NOTHING to do!"? Well, I am here to save you with an amazing book called Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments by Mike Adamick.

A recent bout of pink eye in my youngest daughter over Spring Break had us sidelined from public activities. While my older kids were washing their hands every three minutes and I was attending to the little one, we were on house arrest with not much to do.  All I had to say was "Hey kids, want to do some science experiments?" and they were all over it.

The great thing about the book is that the materials are mostly household things that you may already have. Just scrolling through the pages, I had about six activities that I could do in an afternoon without the need to go out and buy anything.

Each project comes with an explanation, a list of materials, and the background behind the project. It explains in details the concepts behind the experiments so that you can teach your children just why something happened and impart real facts that they can use at school. Just imagine your child dropping some knowledge about propulsion on her 1st grade teacher and how well your next parent-teacher conference is going to be because of it.

Each kid picked an experiment to try and we focused on Shiny Pennies, Balloon Rocket, and their favorite, Rock Candy!


My daughter was all about shiny pennies because she had LOTS of them in her piggy bank and it was a safe and easy thing for her to do.


My son was all about the rocket propulsion that was about to happen in our living room and the fact that it only took me four basic materials to set up made it easy for me too.


Not only is science cool, but it can also be delicious. Any experiment that ends in creating candy is a winner in my book and the science of cooking is one I try to pass on to my kids normally, so this experiment was doubly exciting. I even had adults reacting to my posts on Instagram during the process, so you know it must be fun!

You can learn more about Mike Adamick and Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments on his blog and you can purchase the book from Amazon now. Buy it today!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Philly Dads Group Is Off and Running With HKRS

Now that the weather here in Pennsylvania is much warmer, my kids have been itching to be outside and active, not cooped up in a house shut in by the weather. Kids need exercise to stay healthy and to keep their bodies in good shape and The Healthy Kids Running Series does just that.

The Healthy Kids Running Series (HKRS) is a five week running program in the spring and fall for kids ages 3-14. Founded in the Greater Philadelphia region, HKRS has grown to a national program hosting 50 race series in 17 states.

To combat the increasing rates of child obesity in America, HKRS provides kids with a positive, educational, and fun experience in the world of running, motivates kids to be healthy and adopt a “Get Up and Go” attitude.

My dad's group, Philly Dads Group which is part of the #CityDads group and my own kids have been given an opportunity from HKRS to participate in this event. The first (10 kids) dads to RSVP to this event will receive FREE entry into the event, a $35 value!

My kids, ages 3, 6, and 9 will all be participating in this race in Wayne, PA. The series run five weeks offering age appropriate running events including the 50 yard dash, the 1/4 mile, the 1/2 mile and the one mile run. Alternate dates for running in the series are Sundays in April on the 13th and 27th and May 4th and 11th and run from 4pm - 530pm. I will be posting pictures of their progress throughout the series and their times to see how they have improved.

The age groups run their respective races by distance with 3-4 yr olds running the 50 yard dash, the K & 1st Graders run the 1/4 mile, 2nd & 3rd grades run the 1/2 mile, and 4th-8th grades will run the mile.

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow kids run. Each and every participant receives a medal and gift bag for his or her achievement. Kids compete each week for a chance to earn points with the top boy and girl with the most points in their respective age divisions receive a trophy.

We look forward to being a part of this event here in Wayne, PA. If you know a great dad in the Philadelphia area that would like to be a part of this event, please join our Meetup group and RSVP. If you would like more information on the Healthy Kids Running Series or would like to bring this event to your town visit their website and contribute to making kids in America healthier and happier.

FTC Disclaimer: As an ambassador of this program I was supplied with three free entries to this event and a gift card from HKRS and Philadelphia Runner (@PhillyRun).

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Time To Do The #Ickies Shuffle

Kids are disgusting. Even worse are the messes they leave behind. My least favorite thing in the entire world, even worse than going to the grocery store, is cleaning the house. I would think that if Dante cleaned his own toilets, that area between the seat and the tank would have been included as one of the rings of hell.

Thankfully, there are products from the folks at Clorox who do most of the heavy lifting for us, taking care of those #ickies that linger, threatening to sideline our kids and ourselves from certain fun.

I bet you have a disgusting story to tell about cleaning up after them or some epic cleaning fiasco. Everyone does. Here's your chance to share and score some awesome prizes!

How To Be A Dad and Mom Spark have teamed up for the craziest Twitter Party giveaway EVER and it is happening on Wednesday, April 9th at 3PM PT/ 6PM ET and follow #Ickies on Twitter.


  • $2,500 in Twitter prizes
  • $100 Good anywhere gift cards given out every 10 minutes!
  • $100 and GRAND PRIZE ARTWORK a Custom Movie Poster Prize featuring YOU and your chosen genre
  • Audience driven improv done by Rachel Dratch of SNL fame and Second City Communications!

How is that going to work via Twitter you say?

Sounds Awesome! So What Do I Do To Participate?

Here is what you need to participate:

1. A Twitter account and an internet connection.

2. The ability to spend money, should you win.
3. You’ll also need to RSVP. Use the Rafflecopter entry form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was compensated by Life of Dad, LLC for this partnership

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

9 Ways You Can Help Your Stay At Home Husband

If you are a stay at home parent then you know there are things that you and your working spouse handle things differently.

But, you both work long hours, your day doesn't just come to an end at night, and you have to get up the next day and do it all over again and again, and again.

Through observations in a stay at home dad group I help admin, I have noticed some issues between SAHDs and their spouses. Luckily, my wife and I have learned some things along the way during these past six years of being at home. If your husband is staying at home or thinking about it, you may want to keep these suggestions in mind.

1) Let it Go.

Sorry if you are now singing that Frozen song. You are going to need to let your at home dad do things his way. I know it is hard and there are things that are going to bug you, like that he wipes the counter counterclockwise instead of clockwise but we are hoping you can let that slide. He is going to have to find out on his own what his schedule on his terms will be. Suggestions on how to make things more efficient are fine but in the end, we will want to do things our own way. Imposing your will on us may just shut us down more. Let us figure it out and come up with a schedule that fits with our parenting style.

2) Don't Nag.

Nothing is going to get us motivated less than when you are constantly asking us to do something. We are aware of our shortcomings and in most cases, we are trying to find that balance between caring for the kids and managing the household duties. Give us some time. Sometimes, things go by the wayside because we get overwhelmed.

3) Set Clear Expectations

Sit down together and communicate about the things you expect to be accomplished each day. Some couples think that just managing to keep the kids alive and healthy is enough but others may have other expectations about cleanliness, meal preparation, etc. Make sure, in the end that you are on the same page. This will help cut down on problems later.

4) Cleaning House

If we were anal retentive when you met us with things needing to be clean, this is probably carrying over into our lives with the kids, maybe even more so. But, if you remember a time when you met us where we maintained our apartment but it didn't meet your standards, this is more than likely what is going to continue in the home especially when you add the kids into the mix.

Cleaning sucks and there are lots of things we would rather do than clean that space between the toilet seat and the tank, like play with the kids. Do a floor check. Get down on the ground and play with the kids. See things from their level. If you are disgusted and would rather but a blanket down before lying in that filth then it is time to put on your Mr. Clean hat.

5) Help Out When You Can

This is a big issue with most SAHDs. We know you have been working all day and you probably have to work into the night as well but any assistance you give us is going to be much appreciated. Men tend to internalize issues until they build up and are afraid to ask for help because we know you are doing so much already and don't want to start a fight. This is where clear expectations come into play.(See #3) Tag team the nighttime routine. Ask your husband how he usually does things so you can stay consistent.  That is really going to help us into the next day with the kids. Deviation is going to cause problems with our routine.

6) Communicate Effectively

If there is something that needs to get done and we aren't doing it, tell us in a way that is not attacking. Men tend to get defensive when our shortcomings are pointed out. I often have difficulty with criticism because I respond better to praise.  Sandwich the request with some compliments on what we are doing right. That softens the blow and makes us more willing to work on our weaknesses than just pointing out what we aren't doing right.

7) Pencil Us In

We know you are tired and so are we but please, work us into your schedule because WE want to be in your inbox. Plough through that work together. See what I did there? It relieves stress and helps you reconnect with each other despite all the stuff you have to do. Instead, do each other.

8) Give Us Some Space

We need guy time as much as you need girl's night out. Offer to watch the kids so we can go to that action movie you would never watch with us, or suggest that we get together with the guys at a restaurant or bar to blow off some steam. You know how it is at bedtime and on weekends. Imagine your incompetent co-workers hassling you all day. Same deal. Sometimes we just want to drive to Target to walk around aimlessly without someone asking us for something.

9) Take Time For Yourself

We want you to be as rested and sharp as possible because you are providing for our family and you deserve it. If you need some time alone or away from the kids, just ask. We can plan to have them away for a bit while you nap, need to catch up on work, or head out to the store by yourself. Just know that eventually, we are coming back.