Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tocomail : The Email App For Kids

Tocomail is the new app for iOS. It has created an app for kids with multiple platforms for kids ages 5 to 8 and another for kids 8+. Parents will like the safety features like control over the contact list, while kids love all the fun features, like an extensive drawing board.

You use the app by setting up the account under your own name which informs you of your child's activity with the app via email. Any time the child tries to add a contact, you are sent a notification of the change. Also, children can't access the app without first accessing the parent page which helps you control them using it without you being present. For this reason, this app is ideal because it relies on your supervision to make it work. 

However, you must think about what you want your children to be exposed to. Does a five year old really need email? If you want your children to send something to Grandma or Grandpa, aren't your going to send it for them anyway? With my son being eight, I decided that with my supervision, this would be a good introduction to what email is about. He knows that we send and receive emails but the concept is still foreign to him. However, he does know what a text is. Then I tried to explain that emails were electronic letters that you send via the internet and he had his confused face look. 

Tocomail's new mobile app is now available for download in the iTunes App Store and will be available soon in the Google Play Store. Tocomail is also available on the web at www.tocomail.com. You can see how Tocomail works first hand by checking out the demo video on YouTube. 

If you do decide that this is a good fit for your family you can add multiple children to the account as well and as you can see below, you can shift from one user to the other without much of a hassle. You can use this app to teach your children about how to use email, kids can draw pictures and send them directly to Nana or Grandpa right from your phone.

Tocomail is free on the web and in the App Store, with a $2.99/month or $29.99 annual premium service option. But if you enter below in the giveaway, you have a chance to win a code for the $29.99 premium service for one year.  I will be giving away 10 codes until March 24th.

FTC Disclaimer: I was given a free code for Tocomail Premium service for one year ($29.99 value) in exchange for this review and provided 10 codes for the giveaway of this service. All opinions expressed are solely the thoughts of DadNCharge.


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  2. For this reason, this app is ideal because it relies on your supervision to make it work.