Monday, March 3, 2014

Run A Fast Break on Cooking

When it comes to cooking I am looking for the fast break option. I don't have time to run a play or set a screen on the screaming toddler. I need to score quickly and I need it to be delicious and nutritious. I need it to be something fun that my kids will love eating and I need to get it on the table before the clock winds down.

The perfect way to make this happen is with frozen foods. Frozen foods provide delicious produce, perfectly-portioned meals, and a variety of ethnic cuisines and dishes to meet strict dietary needs. Not only that but fruits and vegetables are captured at the peak of their ripeness and frozen to lock in all their natural vitamins and it has been done naturally for centuries.

You might think that looking at some of these frozen foods that there is no room to create.  Just like on the basketball court, there is always room to create. With the help of, you can find recipes that are quick and easy to make for your family while catering to your personal needs and likes, most of which can be met right there in the frozen food aisle.  Talk about a SLAM DUNK!

As a stay at home dad who does most of the shopping, I regularly purchase from the freezer aisle because they are a better value and with perfect portion sizes, there is no waste and no danger of overeating.  But most of all, because of the speed and easy preparation making it more convenient. The freezer aisle includes options that cover snack-time, lunch, dinner, entertaining, and specialty food occasions like The madness of March basketball. These foods help me break some ankles in the kitchen.

Life of Dad and The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association has teamed up and have asked me to participate in the #FrozenChefMadness promotion.  

Fifteen other dad bloggers and I will be competing for the title of Frozen Chef during the #FrozenChefMadness promotion.

I am going to take three frozen food items and turn them into the greatest recipe you have ever seen. Or in other words, just another day as a stay at home parent. 

I call my recipe the Pick and Roll which is featured to the right.  Can you believe that three of the ingredients featured came from frozen food?

Now, I am going to put you in the game. Because I want YOU to win also. 



  • Grand prize: $800
  • Second place: $250
  • Third place: $150
  • Fourth place: $100

Easy Home Meals judging criteria:

  • Creativity of recipe (30%)
  • How hungry the photo makes us/enticing factor (30%) and
  • Utilization of frozen food products (40%)

Visit the Life of Dad page for official rules and more details. 

Be sure to join us for the #FrozenChefMadness Twitter party on March 19th at 9pm (EST) to learn all about the great recipes and to win some cool prizes.

Let's make this Bracket Challenge a Cinderella story and bring a win home!

FTC DisclaimerI have partnered with Life of Dad, LLC for the#FrozenChefMadness promotion.  Sponsored by NFRA (, the #FrozenChefMadness promotion gives anybody the chance to win a $800 Visa gift card.

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