Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The LAST Snowman Blog Tour

I am pretty excited to be a part of JC Little's The LAST Snowman Blog Tour. She is an amazing artist and author.  You can find more of her work as The Animated Woman or on Twitter as @littleanimation. 

The book is a very cute story about her daughter's adventure while building a snowman. What I loved most about it was that her daughter, at age fourteen, still exhibits the playfulness of a child when at her age that might be in question. As a stay at home dad, that playfulness is important to maintain. Did JC's daughter continue on? If you want to find out what happens you can purchase the book either on Amazon for Kindle HERE or on Createspace if you want the paperback.  At $3 for the Kindle version, you really can't find a book this great at that price anywhere. 

Or better yet, you can enter my giveaway down below and win yourself a copy and some swag to go with it.  That is of course after you read my story about my own daughter and her snowman building. 

This winter has been brutal to say the least. My family in Chicago have had to deal with Chiberia with little to no end of winter in sight. Philly has been inundated with snowfalls that far exceed last year and dealing with the aftermath, namely the excessive snow days and the power outages, my kids have always found a way to make the polar vortex interesting.

Kids don't care that our cars are buried under inches of snow or that their dad gets pumped about a snowblown driveway where you can see pavement again.  My kids and I played outside in the snow, my six year old daughter learning a valuable lesson about her limitations in the process.

My daughter Sarah was determined to build a snowman. Minutes into pushing her snowball across the ground, she said she couldn't do it. I said "Honey, you can do it if you put your mind to it. Don't give up and you will be surprised what you can accomplish" I said.

I watched her push this enormous ball of snow across the lawn laboring with every inch, watching her eyes narrow in determination while she focused her energy into churning this giant ball to the center of our lawn. She exclaimed "Daddy! Look what I made! I did it by myself!"

I was so proud, "If you put your mind to something and you don't give up, you can achieve anything" I said, "Good for you for not giving up."

Moments later she added another piece and I turned to look at what she had made. She fashioned her snowman base into a "snow couch" and the lump of snow off to the left directly across from her is a "snow TV". "Not as big as your TV Daddy, but the picture is kind of fuzzy!"

So, if you have snow or want to make some lasting memories with a snowman of your own, or want to read an awesome book about a snowman, check out The Last Snowman by JC Little.

WAIT! Didn't you say something about a GIVEAWAY? 

       1 paperback copy of The LAST Snowman

1 Mug from her Zazzle shop featuring an image from the book, perfect for after snowman hot chocolate

1 Swag Bag of Boiron products to deal with the lingering effects of winter cold and flu season. Boiron specializes in homeopathic medicines for the whole family.

Exclusive products from Dot & Lil including Shea Rescue Butter for Lips and Nails, a specially designed soap made just for the blog tour, which is a limited edition "Hot Chocolate Swirl" soap and a Mint Shaving Soap

FTC Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the book to review and participate in this blog tour of The LAST Snowman by JC Little. All opinions expressed are my own here at DadNCharge.

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  1. Thanks for joining the blog tour! Your kids are adorable and I love their determination to have fun during this sonwpocalypse winter. I need to channel my snowman-building inner child. Can't wait to see who wins this awesome book!

  2. You encouraged her and she not only churned that giant snowball, she created a living space! With snow tech! Impressive. Please give all your kids a big high 5 from me. Thanks for joining the tour!

  3. Your daughter made a snow couch, with a snow TV across from it. ...The weather must've messed with the reception. ;-)

    As for my favorite memory of playing in the snow, that's a tough one. It was probably the winter our son was three, and the occasion on which he finally pushed through his sensory issues to discover that, hey, snow is FUN!

  4. She started with a snowman and ended up transforming it into a snow couch, opposite a snow TV. So creative!! My favourite memory is going toboganning with my family for the first time as a child.