Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Marvel Superhero Mashers Review and Giveaway

Ever wonder what it would be like to combine two superheroes together? Your action figures would be unstoppable if they had the super strength of Hulk and the technology of Iron Man? Well, Hasbro has answered your prayers with their new line of Marvel Super Hero Mashers.

The figures come in two different varieties, the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Action Figure Assortment which includes such characters as Doctor Doom, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, and Spiderman (Retail price $9.99) and the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Battle Upgrade Action Figure Assortment which has Hulk, Iron Patriot, Iron Man, and Wolverine. (Retail price $14.99)

Basically, the figures has interchangeable parts where you can switch out heads, arms, legs, bodies, and weapons to create your own Mash Up.

When I first saw these things I immediately thought of this cover from a comic book I collected in the 1990s. Comic books often did crossovers where characters from other worlds would battle or combine forces with each other but this book was unique in that two characters had melded into one! In this case, Spiderman and Hulk's bodies had fused to create SPIDER HULK!

My kids and I were stuck inside again due to another round brought to you by the Polar Vortex when we decided to give these toys a try. They instantly gravitated to them and with all the interchangeable parts, the possibilities were endless. Even my three year old, who loves superheroes was entranced.

We created our own MashUps and Bulky Hulky and Spider Smash were born.

 Ages for this toy are listed at 4 years & up because of the small parts. While a four year old could play with it, even my eight year old son and I sometimes had trouble snapping the parts onto the pegs at the joints. The especially hard part was putting a tiny Spiderman head on a giant Hulk body.

The parts don't fall off during play and the plastic is sturdy enough for rough play. Sometimes the parts would pop off which added another element to the play with all these spare body parts laying around.

 Want to win your own MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS?

Giveaway open to U.S. Residents ONLY. Must be 18 years or older to enter. 

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FTC Disclaimer: I received one MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS Action Figure Assortment and one MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS Battle Upgrade Action Figure Assortment in exchange for the review of this product. All opinions are my own and if you don't like it, DADNCHARGE SMASH!


  1. Spider man pretty much makes anyone else awesomer! haha

  2. I'd mash up Electra and Rouge because what guy wouldn't?!

  3. I would love to see Iron Man and Doctor Doom get the Mash-Up treatment. Both are arrogant and armored. But when all the swapping is said and done...who is REALLY inside the suit that stands before you?

  4. Mashing & smashing sound like great fun for the son & I. Not sure who we would mash together.

  5. I think I'd have to start with an Iron Thor combo!

    1. I forgot my "why"! Mostly because we would have a blast laughing while pretending to get Jarvis to understand Thor's commands in the suit.

  6. I'm a fan of the Incredible Iron Hulk.

  7. I would go with Rouge and Invisible Woman. Can't see her AND can steal your powers.

  8. I would put Spiderman and Hulk together because what Spiderman lacks in strength Hulk has and the "tricks" spinning webs, flying through the air by hanging off his webs, climbing building would give Hulk the advantage he needed that he doesn't have otherwise.

  9. Thor & Spiderman because they are my son's two favorites

  10. My guys would combine Captain America and Iron Man. That would form "The Iron Captain!". The only thing cap can't do is fly. With the Iron Man suit, not only does he have super strength, he no longer has to rely on Thor for a ride.

  11. I like Spiderman and my son likes Iron Man so that is why I would combine the two - The Iron Spider!

  12. I would combine Iron Man and Wolverine, because they are my nephew Johnny's favorites! My email is

  13. My favorites are Wolverine and Hulk!